15 July 2008

Big One

... for the Tatapilla. He is now a certified Big Guy. He was allowed to mess with his cake and party - that is sleep late.

Instead of throwing a party for him, for some reasons we decided to visit the zoo yesterday and have a quite birthday celebration with his Nanny and Poppy. He may have missed having a party with friends but I wouldn't trade what we had yesterday and today for any great party in the world. We chose to celebrate this way, for his enjoyment. And I want to bear in mind and make it a tradition that birthdays will always be him having fun in whatever way it maybe.

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ZJ said...

Happy First Birthday, Jens!!
He definitely enjoyed his cake - yum :) Kadali lang sang panahon ano? Last year he was in your tummy, now he's up and all over the place... Hope he stays healthy, happy and bibo :)

Mich said...

happy birthday jens! how time flies so fast tlaga! I can't believe he's already 1!

the cake looks yummy!