17 July 2008

Dad's Complaint

He's really fat. As if that just happens overnight. :)

And he's blaming me for it. That I serve snacks in between meals especially in the afternoon. I do really and they were heavy meals but I am used to it.

Well, he's not counting his big dinner and the lots of munchies that he has at night while wathing telly. They were all sweets and he eats them even until early morning. Plus, he doesn't have a real workout.

Oh well, we've agreed that I won't serve out snacks for him anymore. We'll just polish off what's left in the freezer that he particularly likes and we would stop buying them. And maybe, do some exercise. I'm sure he won't resort to top diet pills, because he doesn't like taking meds of any kind. At all.

Well, the plan sounds reasonable to me. I just have to play my part.