21 July 2008

Day Out

We went out to do some errand today to a place closer to Brisbane. We didn't catch the train because the plan was a bit far from the station. Instead we drove. And I'm happy that we did because it was hassle free. It didn't take us an hour to get there amidst the morning peak traffic in some part of the road - especially at the end of the motorway. The Tatapilla had been very good. He was whingy on the way - he was just hungry so I gave him bickie. I left him and his dad while I went to do my thing. It took me almost two hours. Mcj said, they went to the park nearby. They had fun. Until I rang up to asked them to pick me up. The moment his Daddy said that I was on the phone, he bawled - he might have forgotten about me and it just came into his memory that he has a Mum. Lol. It was a struggle for the poor Dad to get him into the car and strapped him. A couple of minutes of driving, Mcj looked back and he was fast asleep. Up until half an hour that we were home.