17 July 2008

Fussy Eater Lately

A fellow blogger commented when she learned that the Tatapilla was teething that, at least he didn't lost weight. Well because he practically eats anything. Plus he is still on mooo-cow diet. If you know what I mean.

But lately, it got me worried a wee bit because he's fussy with his food. It might be because I introduced new flavours? Or was it because he was still full during meal time? He has munchies and moo-cows in between meals. Or because he wants to play during eating time? Or is it because he doesn't want me to buy Phentermine without prescription just incase he gets obese. Just kidding.

What I just did to ensure that he had eaten enough at night, the time when I seems he doesn't eat much at all, is to bring yoghurt in bed. He eats it while reading books and I don't have to worry him rejecting a spoonful.