02 July 2008

I Blamed The Yogurt

The Tatapilla had his first ever illness. Cold.

He'd been sneezing quite a lot last week and was fussy with his food (no need of diet pills). I thought it was in the food or he might just be teething again. But one thing notable was he love drinking water.

He had a big sleep last Sunday afternoon. I gave him yogurt when he woke up. Then, he had a runny nose. I blamed the yoghurt. I thought the runny nose was just a reaction because the yoghurt was chilled.

He was his usual self that night - pushed the bike all over the house. He ate his dinner. Nothing unusual aside from the nose nuisance.

Then came bed time.

His temperature had gone up. He had a good sleep of 3 hours and then woke up and stayed awake because he can't breath through his nose. He just wanted to eat and went to sleep on my chest. Poor Bubby.

During the day, he was his usual self. Play, play and play. And eat, too! And after two days the fever is gone. Just a trace of stuffed nose.

But he had spread the virus. I'm now nursing a sore throat and stuffed nose. I can't afford to be sick so I'm stuffing myself with fruit.