17 July 2008

Musings of a Mum

My Little Boy had just turned one. Time flies so quick that everything happened in a blurr, but of course I certainly can remember the day and the previous when I delivered him into this world.

Now, Jens is really a toddler and a very handful one. Do you know that he throws tantrums when he wants something and I am exercising my will not to give in to him? Just like when he's eating. Whenever he sees his water cup, he wants it even if he's not thirsty. He would just play with it - splash the water all over the place. And of course drink some. I don't want to give him water while eating because he gets full quickly. So what he does when that happens? He would shut his mouth that you cant force him to open it, really. And only the water cup can make him open his mouth for a spoonful of food. Sometimes, I am at the point of breaking up and exercising my right. :)

Anyway, I realize that things such as these would be my delight in later years when he's trying to be independent. I would relish in reliving this memory in my mind, I'm sure. Listen to me. I'm talking as if I am already on the verge of leaving this world. LOL. Oh, Jens is just the joy of our lives. It seems our lives (MCJ and Mine) revolve around him. And while he's still little there are the scary moments when you think what will happen to him when we're gone. I couldn't think of it actually and I don't entertain a thought about it. But I am sure that even cheap term life insurance could at least his bridge to a bright future if not secure it.