29 July 2008


At least we can go to sleep earlier than what we used to. Recently, we've been inundated with sports telecast until the wee hour in the morning that we left the television on overnight.

Wimbledon. We stacked up munchies. It usually started around 10-11pm. If my favourite player was playing, I stayed up until the match was finished. The women's single finals was swift. But men, the men's was not. It was going on like foreever. Every set had a tie-breaker plus the rain. I finally went to sleep past 6am.

Golf. I think it was the French Open (not in Orlando golf). Greg Norman of Australia was leading so we watch. Err.. just Mcj. I went to sleep past midnight but I can still hear the telly going so I was more awake than as asleep.

Tour de France. It usually ended around 2am. It is not everynight but they always have reply and because Mcj wasn't able to watch most of the early part of each telecast, we turned-on every night.

Then there's the big event coming. Olympics! I think, we won't stay that late because of a little time difference. I hope.