11 August 2008

Ekka 2008

Ekka is a Aussie English for Brisbane Exhibition - formal term is Royal Queensland Show. The show was a spin-off from the famous International Exhibitions being held in Britain and worldwide dating from the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851.

So we hit the Ekka last yesterday. We took the train as most people do. Mcj told me that the famous food there were dagwood dogs, floss fairy (cotton candy for some) and cheerios. After buying the show program, I tested the dagwood dog right away. It's not fancy, just crumbed sausage on a stick but it was novelty. You can have it with tomato sause or just plain.
We timed our visit there for woodchopping contest so the first thing that we looked for was the woodchopping venue, which was at the opposite of where we came off the train.

This is the last event in the morning for chopping contest. Boy, it was dangerous just looking at it. Imagine this man, climbing a 2meter high post just stepping on that thing perched on the post with an axe that can shave a face? He won, btw - I think 2nd place.
These are just some of the rides for the adult and I guess those who can stomach heights and dizziness. Mcj was talking of us getting into one of them. I didn't dare as I have a horrible experience in ferris wheel. That was more than 2 decades ago but I can still remember the feeling.
These were the rides that Jens and I tried. We had fun.

There was also a parade of sort that I don't for what. There were lots of clowns and dragons.

The heat was sweltering even if it was summer. Ekka time was always windy but not this year or that Sunday. We had to cool off - ate ice cream under a shade.
We checked the canine show. Jens saw hundreds of dogs. We were not able to see all the other farm animals as pushing the pram through the crowd was a battle. Throngs of people were coming from all directions.
We capped the day by visiting the showbag pavillion. There were lots of stuff to buy - like confectionary, personalized gifts, jewelry, etc. We bought Jens this panda. Souvenir for his first Ekka experience.
One word to describe it. FUN!
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