23 August 2008

Not Well

Yes, the Tatapilla is not well. That's my point of view because he is still his normal self. The runny nose and some cough are still coming on. Plus, this conjunctivitis that's been around. I checked cyh.com what is this illness:

Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of the lining of the eyelids and of the outer protective layer of the eye (the conjunctiva). It can be caused by a germ (virus or bacteria) or by allergies.
It may not always be clear which type of problem is present as each will cause reddening of the conjunctiva.
If it is caused by bacteria both eyes are almost always infected, although it may start in one eye. There is likely to be a gritty feeling and pus.
Conjunctivitis from a virus may involve one or both eyes, causing red itchy eyes and watering of the eyes. There may also be pus and a gritty feeling.
If it comes from an allergy there are often other signs of hay fever including itchy nose and sneezing, the eyes feel itchy and run a lot.

In the Philippines, I gather this is what we call sore eyes. But of course, you'll have sore eyes when you have conjunctivitis. :)

I couldn't point though if the Tatapilla's is viral or bacterial. We bought him eye drops last night and he seems a little better, not that he was really that worse the day before last. His eyes were just pussy that he couldn't opened them right away when he woke up. Even then, that didn't stopped him from wandering around the house and get into mischief - and pulled some cords (not the HDMI type).

Oh well, according to my research I have nothing to worry about.