17 August 2008

Shoe Fetish

This may sound odd but the Tatapilla has a shoe fetish. He loves playing with my shoes - carry a shoe around with him. When he gets bored, he would take his shoes off and play with them. Mcj said, he is related to Imelda Marcos. :)

Anyway, we bought him a new pair this week. He's already in size 5. Though he still wears his size 3 and 4 shoes. Mcj said size 5 is humongous for him but hey, why buy shoes that will just fit him perfectly and no room for him to grow? They are not of famous brand (like MBT shoes) but a bit exy as they are leather and soft soled. Our first consideration when buying him shoes is soft and flexible for him to walk. And so far we're satisfied with these.

See that 6 on the side? It's just a design not the size of the shoes. :) It could be also 9.


Mrs. E said...

wow, size 5 na si jens?!?! same lang sila ni erin and she is much older than him. big feet nga! :)