05 August 2008

The Tatapilla is ill

It's the first time that we experience this, the kind where you have to stay up most of the night, nurse him to sleep and almost all day. I can't leave him to anybody. Going to the shower was a battle.

He was running a temperature the night before last but it didn't worry us. But last night, it shot up. More than 38 degrees. We don't know the cause. Teething alone won't cause a temperature of more than 37.8.

I was force to get an appointment with the GP today, and his GP was not available so we saw the wife. Good thing, if you may call it that, it is just a viral infection. Everything was given clean bill but the throat. There will be a cursory appointment on Thursday.

We were really worried that it might be meningococcal disease - so we're really keeping an eye on him all the time.

I kept on reading the baby book that we got on how to treat fever. It didn't say much other than giving paracetamol and dressing down to keep cool. I was on the verge of calling my mother but I don't want them to worry about Jens. Apart from that, I don't want them to bug us on when are we going to the Philippines. Though Jens has his passport now, we can't go home yet. Whew!

We're at ease now as he is his happy self again. Hope he'll get better soon as our plates are full to the brim in the coming days.


RoseLLe said...

get well soon little tatapila.

my daughter is also in bed because of fever...i am not so alarmed because the fever goes down, and she is not complaining anything...yeah probably it is just viral.

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Sunshine4Life said...

sis, sobra ka naman sa imagination nyo na meninggococal infection no! not Jen, ok?