10 August 2008

A Toddler in the House

This maybe the lamest excuse you've ever read but it is true. The reason why I don't have much time to stay online is the Tatapilla. Now that he is out and about on his feet, I need to devote all my attention while he is awake or even asleep. He's not contented to stay in his cot, he doesn't want to stay in one room, and absolutely not satisfied to just stare. He needs to climb, the stamp his feet, taste everything and reorganize our furniture, etc. This is the time that we really ned a tv mount except that our tv can't be mounted. He hasn't found out how to use the buttons yet but he will eventually, I'm sure of that.

Yesterday, he was trying to climb out of his cot. His right foot was already mounted up. He knows how to mount his bike now. He wants to climb everything.

Raising Children Network says:

Your toddler is well and truly on the move, which makes safety more of a challenge than it was before.

And here are some tips to keep your toddler safe:
Encourage your child to sit while eating by sitting with him at a table or even on the floor. Children are more likely to choke if they eat while they are running around or playing.
Nuts can choke a child: it is usually not safe for children to eat nuts until they are five years of age, and not at all if they have an allergy. Nuts are usually most accessible when adults are having a party or barbecue.
Keep toys for small children and older siblings in separate boxes. Encourage older siblings to keep their small toys (Lego, doll clothes, beads, car parts) out of reach.
Use car restraints whenever your child is in the car.
Set up a safe play area outside that is fenced off from cars.
Always hold your toddler's hand around driveways, roads and car parks, and start teaching him about road safety.
Always take your toddler out of the car with you, even if you're popping in to a shop for just a moment. Leaving a child in a car, even on an overcast day, is like leaving him in an oven.
Stay close to your toddler when he's exploring playgrounds and trying new activities and feats of daring.

omg, I just realise that Jens is already a toddler. How fast time flies.