03 September 2008


Mcj is really big on coffee. It needs two mugs to completely wake and perk him up in the morning.

I notice though that Aussies are big on cuppa, tea or coffee. Visitors are more likely to be offered with hot drinks. Though restaurants and fast foods are not that proliferating in OZLand just like in the Philippines, cafĂ© and coffee shops are ever present in shopping blocks. But, in our area, I barely notice Starbucks coffee anywhere near. True that the coffee mogul had closed down some of its branches in Oz but even then, I haven’t spotted it in the shopping complex. Oh well, I think the locals are satisfied with the presence of the local coffee shops.

I have my share of drinking coffee. At least two cups a day. I didn’t embrace the tea though. I just don’t like the taste.

And the Tatapilla? He’ll have the biscuits, cookies, muffins, dough nuts, or anything that go with the coffee. And he loves it. Well, he loves anything that he can stuff in his mouth anyway.