03 September 2008

It's Bath Time

The week before last, the Tatapilla had an outdoor bath. Now, I’m reminded to buy him a big bath. I just used a small basin that he can only sit on. It was a tad chilly that morning plus he was not over with his flu yet, he loved the bath. It was the first time that I used some of the bath soap that was given to him to make him a bubble bath. I normally use his bath oil. I also gave him all his floating toys and he had fun splashing. But, I reckon it was the cause why his nose was dripping non-stop that weekend. Bad Mummy, bad.

He loves water. Might it be in the bath, flowing out of a tap (might be more attractive if flowing out of Grohe faucets), or just a puddle on the ground. Now that winter is over, we might plan a trip to the pool or to the beach again.