19 September 2008


I was able to watch some current affairs on the telly last night while Jens was playing in the lounge after dinner. Something got me say Hmmmm and chew my bottom lip.

A 50-ish couple was out of the job at the same time. It was sort of redundancy. They thought, it would only take them a couple of get another job but hey, they’ve been hunting for more than 5 weeks now. They deduce the reason why nobody wants to hire them was their age. Is it really true that nobody wants to hire experienced and qualified employees?

Some expert said that while in the city employers are on the look for experienced employees, it’s another case in the country side. I reckon, so true! And I think most vacancies in the country are retail jobs, care givers, and skilled workers.

I’m thankful I found my niche early.