03 September 2008

Securing the Future

Mcj was supposed to have his dental surgery last month but he was ill then so it was postponed. He’s been waiting long enough for it - the anaesthesiologist was on holiday for 5 weeks and the dentist that he wants to attend to him was fully booked. And then, when it was his time to go under the knife he had a flu. Now, that’s what I call, what? Not his time? Maybe.

You know what’s funny about it? A week before the scheduled surgery, he hastily arranged that my name will appear as beneficiary of his life insurance – he didn’t include the Tatapilla yet as he’s still a minor so I would still be his guardian. He didn’t trust the stipulation in the fine prints of the policy that the wife would be the beneficiary then.

Talking of insurance, I don’t have life insurance here in OZ. Maybe, now that I have superannuation, I might get a life insurance quote in the same company. Mcj has his life insurance from the same company with his superannuation. Now, I have some research to do.