25 September 2008


And you think, it could be something like pillow, blanket, stuffed toy or anything that you can cuddle. It’s another story for Jens. Finally, I can say that Jens has a security thing though, he is not really looking for it before going to it. It is just something nice to have for him. What is it? A spoon!

If he’s at home, you can see him holding a spoon while playing around especially after eating. It just started actually when he learned how to feed himself. I think, it’s just his way of connecting to something that feed his mouth.

Look at this big guy! He doesn’t like the feel of grass on his bare feet hence he put his feet up his bike and even tried to climb. He’s alright to play around on his feet when in concrete like carports, patio, etc.
See that toothbrush he's holding? That's another interesting toy.