19 September 2008

Toys and Games

Things I love to play with other than my toys – shoes, books, Mummy’s glasses, phones (wireless and mobile), meds droppers, brush (hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.), bundles of keys, spoons, hats, water bottles, lotion container, lollies container (of course, especially if I can open it and get a handful) and most of all 'motes - you know remotes? He's always sneaking out just to get hold of the remotes. My keyboard is wireless and he likes it, it's a big 'mote for him. He hasn't seen my laptop yet, but I reckon if he did, it will be a batttle of wills as he won't give it up.

Now, he loves playing his ball - bouncing, rolling and throwing. I also notice that he likes putting things away. He might be some sort of a cleaner or an organised person in his previous life. :)