30 October 2008

A Barbie

My sister-and-brother-in-laws are really nice. They threw a belated birthday party for Mcj. How nice is that?

They were away on Mcj’s happy today so we had the party last Sunday. It was a barbie at their backyard.

The weather was nice. Not hot. Cool. We didn’t expect it and I dressed lightly. The place was close to the beach and a cool breeze was blowing in. Good on Jens, I packed him a couple of extra clothes so I dressed him in layers.

We dashed to the beach on the way home. It’s been a while since we went close to the ocean waters. I think, that was back January this year. That was eons ago. :)

We played at the park, also. Jens had a good time.

And what’s really nice? The food. Snags. Grilled rissoles. Stir-fry veggies. Green salad. Cakes. Yummy! I ate so much. Not so much that I would need alli, though; enough that I didn’t have any dinner at all.