02 October 2008

Candle Light :)

I have a friend who loves candles. We used to be roomies and she would always light candles when she came into the room. They were scented (some might have been tea light candles) and really, it changed the atmosphere. It was a routine for her already.

Anyway, I tried to do it myself. I didn’t buy the candles though. They were gifts. I have so much of them but I only get to use one twice. I don’t know. I’m not just a candle person. Maybe because I was just used to the idea that we only lit candles on Halloween or when doing novenas. And then there’s this thought nagging at the back of my mind that I might fall asleep and the candles will run out and burn the house. Seen so much news about a fire starting from candles while having a bath, that’s why.

In short, I really didn’t catch her fancy.