06 October 2008

Family Friendly?

The idea of going for cruises is fantastic especially if the tour is around Europe - in the romantic cities. I fancy myself going to one. Until I read in a magazine article more than two years ago of a take of a newly-wed couple who spent their honeymoon on a cruise and the wife woke-up one morning to find out her husband missing. The gist of the story is they were at the bar and it was getting late so the wife begged off to go to bed early. The last person who saw the husband was the cabin crew and claimed that he escorted the husband to their room. The wife was not aware of that happening. The husband had just gone missing.

It was said that 5% of people going on cruises has never come back. I got scared of the fact. It's a very small chance but it curtailed my desire for such romantic and faboulus holiday idea. Well, I just need more convincing maybe. My mind isn't close to that option. Mcj had gone for an Asia Pacific cruise in his teens and he said it was fun. Maybe, I'll change my mind in the future when such type of holiday is in our priority.

And the important question to ask for booking a holiday is, is the place family friendly? Seldom you can find a child-friendly cruise liner, I reckon.