01 October 2008

Looking Back

Jens was born three days overdue. And literally he was overcooked. The skin on his legs and feet and even his soles then were very dry. From then we didn’t use soap for his bath and shower. Just oil. He had used soap twice only. Then, Daddy bought some cream recommended by the chemist for baby’s skin. I finished using it before winter this year and only then did I read the fine print. I found out that it was not a leave-on cream rather you have to rinse your skin after applying it. Huh! Lucky, Jens didn’t develop any rash (or worst acne) while he was using it. And it kept Jens’ skin moisturised.

Anyway, winter made Jens’ skin dry also. And of course, we didn’t buy the same cream. I looked at the chemist for other brands but nothing caught my picky taste. I started using the J&J lotion that was given to us – the pink variant but it didn’t moisturise his skin. Then I saw a J&J essential – green variant at the supermarket and decided to give it a go. And it is a success. Nice smell too!