28 October 2008

Mercury Rising

The mercury is rising in our side of the world. Days are longer also. Summer is just around the corner. And what better way it is to spend summer than on the beach or pool?
That's the most that we did at the beach.

Busy, busy, busy. One of these days. For now, I am just aiming of buying Jens a big outdoor bath tub. Mcj suggested once to buy inflatable pool instead. I am not really keen on that. It’s too much hard work just to put it up plus needs more water to use it. Unlike a plastic bath tub, you can just stash it away and grab it anytime. No more planning or needing a hand to set it up.

What do we really need? Togs for Mum and Dad. I’ll pass on the sexy swimwear for now. I’ll settle for shorts and singlets. :)