23 October 2008

Pinas Here We Come... Not Soon Though

At long last, we were able to finalise our long awaited Philippine holiday. We’ve booked the flights last Sunday. We have accumulated enough frequent flyer points that the family’s return airfares were free. We only paid for the taxes and charges which by the way had gone up to $300+. The previous time I checked it was just a wee bit over $250.

It is a three-week holiday with the main purpose of acquainting Jens to my family. I don’t really know what’s going on in Jens’ mind now let alone by then but I just hope that he’ll have a good memory of his cousins. We might celebrate Jens party there in advance just as what we have planned this year should it had been pushed thru.

It will not be as glamorous as Brazil vacation packages but it will surely be fun.

To dos: enjoy with the family, go to the beach, shopping, eating, going out, eating, etc... I just hope we'll fit everything that we planned to do.