30 October 2008

Say Boo!

Halloween for me is when we go the cemetery, clean the tomb, pray for the souls of our departed loved ones – my mother would also say novenas for all our relatives’ house that live close by. It’s also the time when we cook our native delicacies, most are sweets. We would visit the rellies house and share with their prepared food. It’s like a celebration of the living and the dead. Some would light candles in sconce or outside the door of the house.

I miss those things.

Halloween is not big in Down Under. There might be people who celebrate it but not big enough for me to hear about it.

I might observe it spiritually. And we might be able to come up something worthwhile for the family to do. Mcj commented on Jens’ shirt this morning which has a skull and cross-bone print on it that should be worn on Halloween. I told him that Jens got another shirt with the same print. Any how, the Halloween will go by without us celebrating it. :)