16 October 2008

What's The Latest?

The Tatapilla's defiant nature is slowly crawling to the surface. When you tell him off, he'll give you a cheek.

When he got something that you don't want him to have, he'll run away if you're coming towards him to take it.

When he wants to do something that you don't want him to... the last resort is take him away from it, he'll arch his back and throw his head back.

He says TA! when you give him something and he will want you to say TA! when he gives you something

He knows how to share his food, toys, and anything.

He now knows how to ride his bike properly.

He is very sweet. Gives everybody that he knows cuddles.

Waves to anybody.

Oh, loves to eat. Big appetite!

Remembers routines and enforcing it when I forgot. He's got a sharp memory stick.

And many more.. but the best of all?

Still breast feeding. Bwahaha!


Mich said...

awwww, at least he knows how to share already! :)