22 November 2008

Chomp, chomp

Jens loves to eat. Anything will do. He wants to eat every time someone’s eating. And, I am really doing my best to give him variety. But you can only offer him too much.

He can eat adult food now but as much as possible, I cook him a separate meal because I don’t want to expose him to salt and other spices that we are using for our food. We could change the taste of our food but well, we also want to eat appetising meals.

I’ve been searching the net, thanks to it, and found some. And they really help.

But if all else are not possible, he can always settle to fruit. My mother-in-law said, I’m turning him into a fruitarian especially on weekends that there’s fruit in the fridge that needs using. He’ll have fruit all day. And I really want him to love fruit that it will be part of his diet until whenever.

One thing that I want to do is go to a shop that specialises on kids foods. Is there something like that? I think, shopping for Sony Vaio is easier than finding that type of store.