24 November 2008

First Time

...bus ride and go shopping without Daddy.

I was really itching to go out yesterday to where ever but Mcj had something important to do at home. I don’t want to be stuck at home so after doing some housework, I packed up Jens’ stuff and set to hit the shops.

We’ve never done it before but I have researched on how we can get to the shop. Take the bus. Mcj volunteered to pick-up us when we’re ready to go home. We just have to worry how to get there. Jens and I hiked up to the end of the road and waited for the bus. There was no bus stop but we can just hail the driver. On weekends, there are buses every 30 minutes.

We waited for about 15 or so minutes. Jens was so amazed with all the vehicles that come and go while we were on the side of the street. As a first time to ride a bus, it got into him. He was cuddling me real tight and a bit whiney but not too bad that was not remedied by pointing things to him.

I didn’t take the pram with us – as it is almost as heavy as Jens. We used a shopping trolley instead and it was very handy. I brought a big cushiony blanket for when Jens goes to sleep and he did. It was fun shopping with him as he wants to climb on every rack and touch every item.

Mummy was able to shop around really good when he went to sleep. I bought a bag for myself, Jens’ bag, a pair of thongs, a wallet, 2 pants, good quality umbrella, and some stuff for the house (no notebook computer). Mind you, I was able to fit the pants. The sales attendant allowed us to use the disable fitting room because Jens had a bit of a whinge when he can’t see me so he went in with me. Isn’t that a pip?