10 November 2008

In the Night Garden

We teach him young, to be fanatic, that is. In a nice way, of course. Well, that’s how we see it.
It just used to be watching television baby or kids show in the morning when we want to do it. I use not to like that program because the names of the characters are so out of this world – no meaning, long and I thought they are not easy to have off pat for a young mind. But the jingles are catchy and the characters are funny. They don’t talk much. Somebody narrates in the entire show.

Soon, it became a morning ritual. It had been a part of our schedule. And when our schedule got so busy, we recorded it so The Tatapilla can watch it anytime he wants. He doesn’t mind watching the same episode over and over again.

Then, Daddy and Mummy found themselves looking for a CD/DVD at the shops. When Daddy saw one Mum gave her kid a stuffed character for the kid’s birthday, it was added to the family’s shopping list. It wasn’t in the purpose for going shopping but the family found themselves in the toy section brainstorming which character of the show they’re going to buy.
We’ve have just bought a whole set of summer clothes for the Little Boy two weeks ago but seeing the jammies set with the "In the night garden" characters, the attraction was so strong to ignore. We bought a pair.

Now, The Tatapilla loves Iggle Piggle. He gave the toy cuddles. It is not his favourite toy, his bike is but he gets big giggles and smiles when Iggle Piggle makes sounds when pressed on the belly which isn’t as big as The Tatapilla’s (doesn’t need diet supplement at all).