18 November 2008


That’s Bubby talk for tissue. As far as my memory can tell me, this is the first word that has more that one syllable that Jens was able to say the word. He blabbers and talks gibberish for months now but mostly monosyllabic words. Then, out of the blue, he pointed to a box of tissue beside his car seat and said, TITSSUE. Boy, I’m so happy! You see, tissue is not a common word. But, I guess it retained in his mind because we’re constantly using it to wipe his face, cleaning up his mess, etc. We have more or less 5 opened boxes of tissues all over the house. It pays to be ready when emergency comes.

He can say these words now:

Dah – Daddy
Mama – Mummy
Ta – His first ever good manner. He says this when you give him something and would tell you to say it when he gives you something, also.
Mo – more
Mo mo – no more
Moon - (sometimes it sound like moo)
Star - coupled with peter pointer finger to the star up in the sky or to a picture
Soes – that’s for shoes. Right after he woke up, he would want me or his Dah to put his shoes on.
Cat or Cky – short for Lucky.
NO – with vigorous shaking of the head.
Ba - bath
Sssa – outside
Bo - boat
da - duck
and more...

It’s funny how Mums can understand words or non-words at all that babies say and make out anything from it.

Though, I’m tired from work when I get home sometimes (it feels like I have one of those who have jobs in retail – standing all day), I perked-up seeing Dah and Bub at the train station waiting for me with big smiles on their faces.