10 November 2008

Weekend Treats

“It’s funny how some things don’t work.”

“It’s funny when it does.”

I love this conversation between Lorlene and Melanie in the movie, Sweet Home Alabama. I really love this movie. I’ve seen it for the nth times and I still feel the same intensity of emotion from the first time is saw it. It tugs my heart just thinking about it. Funny thing is, I can’t explain what it is.

I also love watching Two Weeks Notice. Most people that I know (well, those who are willing to give their opinions) don’t like Hugh Grant. I feel the same way sometimes. It seems to me he’s on top of his roles. But in this movie, I like him.. and then there’s Notting Hill, About a Boy, etc. That’s the woman talking who doesn’t like Hugh. I love Hugh. Jackman.

You’ve Got Mail. Old movie. Could bore you. Terrific actors. Light. Casual. Feel good. We love this.

The Devil Wears Prada. Love the dresses, the shoes, the actors. I like the ending.

That’s it for now. I can’t remember some of my collections. But I love watching them even if we don’t have tv lifts.