31 December 2008
School Boy
The Tatapilla has no day off from “school” this holiday season as Mummy still goes to work. But I think, he is having a great time in school as he learns something new everyday. The most recent is saying ‘STOP’ with action. And he always has presents for us at the end of the day – his drawings.

I think he is in the word spurt stage. He just hears the word once and he can repeat it right away. Oh, I’m a very proud Mum. Can you imagine him saying “blue berry”? He can’t say it audibly but it sound like it is. You know, Mums can understand gibberish words from their kids.

I wonder what’s going on in his mind, really! I wish there is a machine that can determine what the kids are thinking. Anyway, with his little time off “school”, we might be able to manage to go for a swim, buy his latest fad – steering wheel or car, go to the zoo or just kick the ball in the backyard or go for a walk or ride his bike. It’s not as grand as Vegas vacations, but it sure will spark his day.
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29 December 2008
"Driving" Drama
Since the drama last Sunday and the repeat this morning when we left the house, I’ve been looking up the net for toy steering wheel and car toys. So far, I saw these.

This one looks very cook but I don’t think it is safe as it doesn’t have a harness to hold the rider in place. Although the description says, it’s for 1 – 3 years, I reckon it should be recommended to older kids. The rider also needs to have long legs in order to push and get moving which my little boy lacks. He needs to grow his legs.

This one looks like what we could buy for him. The product description says, it has pedals to move. I hope that’s how I understand it because the other toys of their types have a foot to floor specifications.

I haven’t seen any toy steering wheel that can be attached to the car seat. With his fascination with driving, it’s a catch 22 if we’re just going to buy one or the other. It should be both as we need the toy steering wheel when we’re in the car and the toy car when he is out of the car and at home – a lure for him to get out of the car.

Grrrr, all this hassle buzzle of catering to your child’s fancy. Only if he’ll take fancy in bathroom lighting as he loves having a bath. :)
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A Gift Well Appreciated
We’ve bought Jens lots of gifts and we are happy that he likes them. He enjoyed playing with them – bikes, balls, blocks, mini-trucks, books, etc. But this Christmas we found this amazing toy and the price is right even it’s not on sale. Even buy.com carry this item in their product range.
I know this type of toy exist as the daughter of my friend back in RP owns one of a little size. I saw them in the side walk in Santa Cruz but I don’t know that Fisher Price have it. I’ve actually bought Jens a colouring book and pen – which I didn’t give to him when we found the Doodle Pro.

The minute he opened the present, he didn’t play with the box or wrapper like he used to do with his other toys. He wanted to draw and use the stencils right away. He loves drawing – they do lots of drawings in “school”.

This toy is also environment-friendly. No paper, no pencil, no mess.

He loves it as much as his books.
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26 December 2008
To Everyone!

Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!
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21 December 2008
Jens' Christmas Party
We were looking forward to it. Funny thing was, I was so late in coming home (typical if I hold an administrative careers, but NOT!) so when we get to the centre everyone was already having fun and Santa Claus had already been to Jens' room.

Anyway, the Director noticed us waiting for Jens' turn to receive a gift from Santa so hurriedly took Jens' gift from his room and gave it to Santa. Jens was a bit scared. Obviously, he has not taken a liking to Santa yet.

We also received a gift from Jens. His masterpieces - artworks and drawings he made in "school" (forgot to take photos).

We had snowcomes, which he loved even if he had a bit of cold.

Also tried, the sideshow ally. The staff was so surprised that he knew when he was told to put the ball in the mouth of the clown.
We were lucky to be the last to get a poodle balloon. It was 8PM already.

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16 December 2008
Fruit Aplenty
We were in buying frenzy of stone fruit last week. Yellow peach, lychee, grapes, cherries, nectarines, etc. And we can't eat them all. Today, I found out that some of the fruit are starting to rot, some are over-ripe. The over-ripe ones are here beside me, waiting for my TLC. The grapes in the fridge are starting to loose their beauty as well. Need to have more mouth to feast on them.

It's a shame that the little boy is ill and can't eat some of the fruit.

These bananas are starting to get overripe too. They're now really good for banana cake but I can only bake on weekends. If they don't get to be eaten, they'll be in the fridge until weekend, I suppose.

Looks like a detox diet for us, not using the Lipovox though.

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This past weekend is the worst night we ever had since The Tatapilla was born. Some parents complain or shall we say, share that they have problems when their baby is a few months old. We can't say the same for Jens as he is generally a happy baby. He didn't get sick until he is one year old either. And Sunday night was the worst.

He is cutting his first molars - both up and down on the right side. He can't eat anything lumpy and solid. Can't even breastfeed. It's so distressing. He whinged but not all the time. He still laughed and make fun of himself. But he can't sleep on his own. I usually nurse him but since he can't have "moo cows" he can't have a shut eye.

Around 10:30 at night, we strapped him in his pram and took a walk to end of the road. It was fairly a long walk - more than a kilometer return. He went to sleep on the way back, without drama.

I was lost on what to give him. He ate custard though and some nibblies. Mcj suggested to put lemon juice on his water and I'm thankful, I didn't. Found this out in cyh.com:

Do not use lemon juice on your baby's gums. Lemon juice has a lot of acid and can harm new teeth by dissolving the tooth enamel.

We just put teething gel and gave him paracetamol and they always help.

Last night was a pleasant one. He had his afternoon nap late and woke-up 7pm. I was so sleepy by 10pm and he wasn't. He was so restless and doesn't want me to turn the light off. I can't remember what happened after I gave him paracetamol.

I just hope tonight will be different - pleasantly different. I rang the centre and I can't get through so I'll give them a couple of minutes. For now, have to check what's the fuss all about on las vegas nv.
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Not So Happy Chappy
The Tatapilla has been pretty sick Friday. He was coughing and running a temperature. By Saturday, he was not eating much. Very unusual of him who loves food. Thanks to Vaalia, he had filled his tummy.

He only eats custard/yogurt and drink water. Anything with flavour especially sweet, turns him off. Good thing though, he loves his medication and kept asking for "more, more".

He had lost a bit of weight already. So this is the moment when the extra fat and bulging belly come in handy. At least he has a buffer.

Hopefully, he'll be over it soon.

The doc recommended to give him some probiotic after he finishes his anti-biotic. It'll flash out whatever remains in his tummy (we don't need the Orovo detox for him).
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Torch Fettish
We haven't really thought what to give to our Tatapilla. I'm sure they will just be toys, but what, we don't know. I think we'll just play it by the eyes. What I mean, we'll buy what we see he likes and fit his age.

Just like this one.

We dashed to the supermarket last night just to pick up custard and yogurt. Then we saw this on the floor. I thought, it's a microphone toy until Mcj pressed the yellow button. And it looks like this.

I reckon, it's really fancy. Another addition to our collection of torch which The Tatapilla loves.

For now, little pleasures such as this works until the time he would ask Seiko watches.
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08 December 2008
A Busy Boy
The little boy is coping very well with the family's busy schedule - as long as there is food. Just like us, he loves having fun and eating. Just have a look at the following snaps and you'll see that the big fat belly runs in the family. :) We're not in the point of needing a diet pill yet. But as long as he's active and happy, we are all happy.

These are what we've been up to this last weekend. Pretty busy, eh!

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04 December 2008
"School" Christmas Party
I fished out an invitation letter from Jens' file in school for the Christmas Party, Wednesday next week. Seems there will be loads of fun - sausage sizzle, side show ally, face painting, etc. Each family should bring a plate to share. That, got me thinking. Worried is the right word.

I've been looking up the net, high and low, for food ideas on such occasions and I haven't any yet. It's not really what we can take with us that is the problem. It's the time. I can construct anything if I have more time on my plate to play with. I just don't. It being on the middle of the week and I will be working that day. We won't be settled in properly in the new office so I am expecting to give a hand on some work and a be a little late for home.


Mcj and I talked just a while ago - at least we have a couple of ideas. Cheese and crackers or a bowl of salad. I first thought of cake - but we dismiss the idea as there will be lots of kids and some parents don't allow their kids to have loads of sugar.

And with my search, I found this awesome website that will be very handy for a busy Mum like me. How fitting it is that the website is actually busymothers.com.au? Sites such as this, is very helpful for busy Mums like me. You can find anything - food ideas, recipes, family, raising kids, etc. And what's more? It being a forum, for some (I read a bit) it feels like having a sounding board while staying at home or when you're just being busy. If I dug deeper, I could have found a small business for sale.
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A Pleasant Goodbye
We dropped Jens to daycare later than usual today. I'm working from home, so we were not cramming this morning. Plus, we want to go when the bank and the post office are already open so we can kill three birds in one go.

The other kids where playing outdoors, in the sandpit and riding some toys when we get to "school". I took him there and he sat on a big car instantaneously. We then left without any drama. He was waving and all, as well as the other kids. Now, that's the goodbye I want everytime I dropped him off there. No fuss. Not that, I don't like Jens missing us but it feels good when you know that he is happy there. No guilt feelings.

My friend back in the RP quit her work because she wants to spend more time with her kids and I think for the reason that her kids are getting much closer to their nanny than to her. I don't have that worry with Jens staying in daycare. If there's any at all, it's the thought that he's picking up bad habits from other kids. Yet, there are more good points on the other side of the coin. He is more closer to us now and able to communicate clearly. He is more sociable and knows lots of tricks to amuse us.

Life is pleasant after all. It works itself out eventually.

Have to end this blabbering - have to do some serious work and maybe get life insurance quotes, for whom? Ahh, anybody.
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Another Credit Card Coming
Last week, I received a mail from my bank. I thought it was my bank statement but it was a credit card offer – low interest rate as well as annual charge. It sparked my interest for a couple of minutes and then it wane. It would be better if it was a pre-approved credit card. But how would they give me as such as they don’t have bases. Yeah, it’s a combo account and my salary goes into that account. Yet, it doesn’t stay there. I just let my account have a feel of it for a day; if it gets lucky then I transfer it to a savings maximiser account.

I haven’t disposed the form yet. I suppose, if I apply for it I would be at the lowest of the credit card ranks, I am not sure. I haven’t got a credit history under my name here in Oz. The credit card that I am using is an extension of Mcj. Pretty neat, I don’t have to worry when the due date of the bills is.

And today, we dashed to the bank to apply for an extension of Mcj's mastercard credit card. I only have amex now and some shops don't accept that so I have to "force" him to sign my cheque. :) I'll have th new card in 17 days time, just in time of chrissy shopping, eh!
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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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