04 December 2008

Another Credit Card Coming

Last week, I received a mail from my bank. I thought it was my bank statement but it was a credit card offer – low interest rate as well as annual charge. It sparked my interest for a couple of minutes and then it wane. It would be better if it was a pre-approved credit card. But how would they give me as such as they don’t have bases. Yeah, it’s a combo account and my salary goes into that account. Yet, it doesn’t stay there. I just let my account have a feel of it for a day; if it gets lucky then I transfer it to a savings maximiser account.

I haven’t disposed the form yet. I suppose, if I apply for it I would be at the lowest of the credit card ranks, I am not sure. I haven’t got a credit history under my name here in Oz. The credit card that I am using is an extension of Mcj. Pretty neat, I don’t have to worry when the due date of the bills is.

And today, we dashed to the bank to apply for an extension of Mcj's mastercard credit card. I only have amex now and some shops don't accept that so I have to "force" him to sign my cheque. :) I'll have th new card in 17 days time, just in time of chrissy shopping, eh!