29 December 2008

"Driving" Drama

Since the drama last Sunday and the repeat this morning when we left the house, I’ve been looking up the net for toy steering wheel and car toys. So far, I saw these.

This one looks very cook but I don’t think it is safe as it doesn’t have a harness to hold the rider in place. Although the description says, it’s for 1 – 3 years, I reckon it should be recommended to older kids. The rider also needs to have long legs in order to push and get moving which my little boy lacks. He needs to grow his legs.

This one looks like what we could buy for him. The product description says, it has pedals to move. I hope that’s how I understand it because the other toys of their types have a foot to floor specifications.

I haven’t seen any toy steering wheel that can be attached to the car seat. With his fascination with driving, it’s a catch 22 if we’re just going to buy one or the other. It should be both as we need the toy steering wheel when we’re in the car and the toy car when he is out of the car and at home – a lure for him to get out of the car.

Grrrr, all this hassle buzzle of catering to your child’s fancy. Only if he’ll take fancy in bathroom lighting as he loves having a bath. :)