16 December 2008

Fruit Aplenty

We were in buying frenzy of stone fruit last week. Yellow peach, lychee, grapes, cherries, nectarines, etc. And we can't eat them all. Today, I found out that some of the fruit are starting to rot, some are over-ripe. The over-ripe ones are here beside me, waiting for my TLC. The grapes in the fridge are starting to loose their beauty as well. Need to have more mouth to feast on them.

It's a shame that the little boy is ill and can't eat some of the fruit.

These bananas are starting to get overripe too. They're now really good for banana cake but I can only bake on weekends. If they don't get to be eaten, they'll be in the fridge until weekend, I suppose.

Looks like a detox diet for us, not using the Lipovox though.