29 December 2008

A Gift Well Appreciated

We’ve bought Jens lots of gifts and we are happy that he likes them. He enjoyed playing with them – bikes, balls, blocks, mini-trucks, books, etc. But this Christmas we found this amazing toy and the price is right even it’s not on sale. Even buy.com carry this item in their product range.
I know this type of toy exist as the daughter of my friend back in RP owns one of a little size. I saw them in the side walk in Santa Cruz but I don’t know that Fisher Price have it. I’ve actually bought Jens a colouring book and pen – which I didn’t give to him when we found the Doodle Pro.

The minute he opened the present, he didn’t play with the box or wrapper like he used to do with his other toys. He wanted to draw and use the stencils right away. He loves drawing – they do lots of drawings in “school”.

This toy is also environment-friendly. No paper, no pencil, no mess.

He loves it as much as his books.