21 December 2008

Jens' Christmas Party

We were looking forward to it. Funny thing was, I was so late in coming home (typical if I hold an administrative careers, but NOT!) so when we get to the centre everyone was already having fun and Santa Claus had already been to Jens' room.

Anyway, the Director noticed us waiting for Jens' turn to receive a gift from Santa so hurriedly took Jens' gift from his room and gave it to Santa. Jens was a bit scared. Obviously, he has not taken a liking to Santa yet.

We also received a gift from Jens. His masterpieces - artworks and drawings he made in "school" (forgot to take photos).

We had snowcomes, which he loved even if he had a bit of cold.

Also tried, the sideshow ally. The staff was so surprised that he knew when he was told to put the ball in the mouth of the clown.
We were lucky to be the last to get a poodle balloon. It was 8PM already.