04 December 2008

A Pleasant Goodbye

We dropped Jens to daycare later than usual today. I'm working from home, so we were not cramming this morning. Plus, we want to go when the bank and the post office are already open so we can kill three birds in one go.

The other kids where playing outdoors, in the sandpit and riding some toys when we get to "school". I took him there and he sat on a big car instantaneously. We then left without any drama. He was waving and all, as well as the other kids. Now, that's the goodbye I want everytime I dropped him off there. No fuss. Not that, I don't like Jens missing us but it feels good when you know that he is happy there. No guilt feelings.

My friend back in the RP quit her work because she wants to spend more time with her kids and I think for the reason that her kids are getting much closer to their nanny than to her. I don't have that worry with Jens staying in daycare. If there's any at all, it's the thought that he's picking up bad habits from other kids. Yet, there are more good points on the other side of the coin. He is more closer to us now and able to communicate clearly. He is more sociable and knows lots of tricks to amuse us.

Life is pleasant after all. It works itself out eventually.

Have to end this blabbering - have to do some serious work and maybe get life insurance quotes, for whom? Ahh, anybody.