31 December 2008

School Boy

The Tatapilla has no day off from “school” this holiday season as Mummy still goes to work. But I think, he is having a great time in school as he learns something new everyday. The most recent is saying ‘STOP’ with action. And he always has presents for us at the end of the day – his drawings.

I think he is in the word spurt stage. He just hears the word once and he can repeat it right away. Oh, I’m a very proud Mum. Can you imagine him saying “blue berry”? He can’t say it audibly but it sound like it is. You know, Mums can understand gibberish words from their kids.

I wonder what’s going on in his mind, really! I wish there is a machine that can determine what the kids are thinking. Anyway, with his little time off “school”, we might be able to manage to go for a swim, buy his latest fad – steering wheel or car, go to the zoo or just kick the ball in the backyard or go for a walk or ride his bike. It’s not as grand as Vegas vacations, but it sure will spark his day.