04 December 2008

"School" Christmas Party

I fished out an invitation letter from Jens' file in school for the Christmas Party, Wednesday next week. Seems there will be loads of fun - sausage sizzle, side show ally, face painting, etc. Each family should bring a plate to share. That, got me thinking. Worried is the right word.

I've been looking up the net, high and low, for food ideas on such occasions and I haven't any yet. It's not really what we can take with us that is the problem. It's the time. I can construct anything if I have more time on my plate to play with. I just don't. It being on the middle of the week and I will be working that day. We won't be settled in properly in the new office so I am expecting to give a hand on some work and a be a little late for home.


Mcj and I talked just a while ago - at least we have a couple of ideas. Cheese and crackers or a bowl of salad. I first thought of cake - but we dismiss the idea as there will be lots of kids and some parents don't allow their kids to have loads of sugar.

And with my search, I found this awesome website that will be very handy for a busy Mum like me. How fitting it is that the website is actually busymothers.com.au? Sites such as this, is very helpful for busy Mums like me. You can find anything - food ideas, recipes, family, raising kids, etc. And what's more? It being a forum, for some (I read a bit) it feels like having a sounding board while staying at home or when you're just being busy. If I dug deeper, I could have found a small business for sale.