16 December 2008


This past weekend is the worst night we ever had since The Tatapilla was born. Some parents complain or shall we say, share that they have problems when their baby is a few months old. We can't say the same for Jens as he is generally a happy baby. He didn't get sick until he is one year old either. And Sunday night was the worst.

He is cutting his first molars - both up and down on the right side. He can't eat anything lumpy and solid. Can't even breastfeed. It's so distressing. He whinged but not all the time. He still laughed and make fun of himself. But he can't sleep on his own. I usually nurse him but since he can't have "moo cows" he can't have a shut eye.

Around 10:30 at night, we strapped him in his pram and took a walk to end of the road. It was fairly a long walk - more than a kilometer return. He went to sleep on the way back, without drama.

I was lost on what to give him. He ate custard though and some nibblies. Mcj suggested to put lemon juice on his water and I'm thankful, I didn't. Found this out in cyh.com:

Do not use lemon juice on your baby's gums. Lemon juice has a lot of acid and can harm new teeth by dissolving the tooth enamel.

We just put teething gel and gave him paracetamol and they always help.

Last night was a pleasant one. He had his afternoon nap late and woke-up 7pm. I was so sleepy by 10pm and he wasn't. He was so restless and doesn't want me to turn the light off. I can't remember what happened after I gave him paracetamol.

I just hope tonight will be different - pleasantly different. I rang the centre and I can't get through so I'll give them a couple of minutes. For now, have to check what's the fuss all about on las vegas nv.