Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

30 April 2008

Talented Friend

We have a friend who is very talented. He has lots of skills. He said, he gets bored very easily so he learns lots of things to keep him occupied. Sometimes, he offsided Mcj's brother, G, in his business. At times, he would be here to fix our computer and other technical problems. And what I learned lately was, he writes. He tried once but because of financial issues, I think, that lucrative career was put on hold. Well, when he knows that he can Self Publish his manuscript or masterpiece, he might pursue writing again. Yeah, because he said, he could earn more writing than doing other jobs. I might give him the website of Authorhouse for him to check if it will help him achieve his dreams since, it is put-up by an aspiring author.

Big Decision (Education)

I'm planning to go back to work in the future. It's a big decision as a family because I really want to be hands on to Jens especially on his early years of education. I want to be the one to take him to school (and pick him up as well), to prepare his lunches and all other meals, and most importantly, to teach him in his homework and lessons. I guess, if we want to be ahead financially, we have to make little and big sacrifices. Instead of personally teaching Jens, I might consider Tutoring him.

Talking of tutor, there are several options on the internet. Some offers correspondence education, per subject tutors, in-house schooling and tutors for kids with special needs. Classic example is Club Z, their program aids students to learn productive study skills and eventually reach their potential. It serves all ages, from kindie to adult. It's service is available worldwide.

29 April 2008

Play Group 4

Today's attendance in playgroup was the same with last week. There were just three of us that turned up. But with all the kids playing in the playground, it was crowded and fun.

Jens had a great time. At first, he was well-behaved, just sitting flipping the pages of the book and eating a biscuit. But when the inflatable toy was put up, he wanted to play in it and just mess up with the balls. He was a big show-off - standing up without holding on to anything. He chased birds and ate a leaf. Yes, a leaf. I was giving him rock melon and I wonder why it took him so long to chew a piece, then he opened his mouth and I had a glimpsed of it. He is really cheeky.

One little girl wanted to lift him up but Jens pushed her. Jens can really be rough sometimes. :)

Did I tell you that he loves swinging? I can swing him faster and he won't mind. He knows to hang on tight the minute that I put him onto it.

It was cold but with all the noises of the kids playing around, it sure was a warm day. :)

24 April 2008

Hot Men!

I love this tag from Mich. I remember that I did this tag before but I don't mind doing it (actually I love doing it again) as I can't remember my old post. :)

These are the men that I like (not necessarily hot) apart from Mcj:

1. Nicolas Cage
I like the way he talks on his movies. I first saw him in Face Off, though he was the bad guy there, for me he was the good guy because of the swapping of the face. :)

2. Luke Wilson
I can't even remember the movie that I first saw him but I remember that I used to have his photo framed in the office when I was working. :)

3. Eric Bana
I like Troy because of him and Peter O. He's a good family man in real life and very down to earth - all the more reason that I like him.

I could say more - George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, Sean Connery (when he was young), Victor Neri, etc.

Lucky that my favorite stars are not known to be addicted in any substance that I know of or I would really be devastated. Well, as fans we only know what the press is saying. Stars live life away from the camera, also. But I think, if the news is as big as being seen in the Southern California rehab or any alcohol rehab for Marijuana Addiction Treatment or of any substance, it wouldn't be long for that hot news to hit the fan.

16 April 2008

New Food: Rock Melon

We were looking for pawpaw but we only saw the whole fruit. We just want half for our little boy. We saw the rock melon instead so Mcj said, we'll try it to Jens.
While I was slicing it, I was also having some and shared little bites to Jens and he loves it. It was sweet plus was also chilled. Yum.

I vitamised what was left and gave him some for dessert yesterday. You can see the difference when he likes his food. His dinner was pumpkin, beans and broccoli; and you need to battle with other distraction before you can put the spoon in his mouth (though he loves his food). But with rock melon, he was actually waiting for the spoon to land in his mouth.
I am happy that he loves it. It might always be on our shopping list.

15 April 2008

Playgroup 2

Tuesday 9 - 11AM. That's the time of our playgroup but because it's just an informal meeting of Mums and babies, it's alright to be late. And so we were late. :)

Yesterday, the coordinator K was there so I was able to fill-out the playgroup form and I would receive the card in the mail soon, which I can also use to go to the toy library in our area. That's good. For nothing.

The group has toys and one of the Mums brought her own, so the kids were able to play on the sand. Oh, there were blankets though.

I was really happy with Jens attitude because he was not shy. He mingled right away. He was soo engrosed with all the toys and even snatched some from the other kids. :) But from time to time, he attempted to mouth a handful of sand. He loves dried leaves - would pick them up always and put straight to his mouth. He was also able to play on a plastic tunnel. I put him at one end and coaxed him to crawl to the other end. I was there waiting. At first, he was slow but seeing the birds on the other end, he made it way quick. So, it wasn't Mummy who's interested in but the birds. :)

It was a fun and tiring day for both of us. We dozed of for more than an hour right when we got home. :)

14 April 2008

Weekend Snapshot 8

Daddy and son always have their time on the grass in our backyard. And last Saturday's no different. They played, lied-down and pull grass, well except Jens occasionally put them in his mouth. The little boy just love the freedom to move around as well as Mum and Dad knowing he can't fall further. :)

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11 April 2008

Skywatch 3

This was the view that greeted me yesterday noon, when I opened our back door. Can't help to grab the camera and snap my skywatch for the week.
Looks like the clouds were fighting for dominance.
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10 April 2008


Mcj is not that busy at work these days so Jens and I were able to join playgroup for the first time. I wanted to when he was about four months but Mcj could not get time off work to drop us off the meeting place and pick us up again after two hours.

The group that we joined in meet every Tuesday from 9-11AM at the community park. When I rang up the coordinator who was on holiday, she told me that she might not able to attend but still we can come so we did.

There were only four mums, including me, who turned up. The park as a meeting place is really good as our kids were able to play. It wasn't really a structured playgroup. One mum said, it is a very informal group, which I quite like as the schedule would be flexible for busy mums.

Jens had fun. He played on the swing, on the rocking animals and the slide. I was surprised as he knew how to rock himself and made the swing move. He made friends with the Mums and kids. He wore his cute and dimply smiles almost all the time.
We are looking forward to our next playgroup.


When things were on the hype side and the family business was new, we had it listed in the business directory. Well, that's as far as I know. And recently, approximately a couple of years back we stopped paying for the listing. Why? Because the first business was trading not entirely on what it was listed before rather on a limited range and it had been existing for more than 27 years. Plus, it is listed on another trading community. We still get calls and customers, so it wasn't a big loss for not being listed in the popular listing sites and directory.

Anyway, one of the benefits brought about by the wild wild web is the business web directory. Yes, some offer a free listing. No cash outlays like we used to, to have the business details listed and known to the public in a more profound way. Plus getting listed is quick (in 24 hours) as long as your website meets the requirements.

What's the catch you say? I can't see any catch rather a benefit as, if you're trading online and wants to be visible, being listed in directories increase your page rank. This is free advertising. I think, I might try to enlist some of my pages. Let's see if I get approved. :)

06 April 2008

Weekend Snapshot 7

Before Mcj wrap up for the day, after a hard day's work, he mowed the little big overgrown lawn last Saturday. It was close to dusk and Jens was ready to go to sleep with his jammies on. But upon hearing the roar of the mower engine, he was hyped up and wanted to go outside to see what's going on. We just watched while Mcj cut the grass and when the work was over, he put Jens on his lap and ran in circles around the backyard. So Jens had his first ride-on mower ride.

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Food First Before Sleep

Our little boy hasn't learned to sleep through the night yet. Normally, he would wake up between midnight and 3AM. What for? Food.

Yes, Jens still wakes up at night to eat despite him eating solids for dinner and more milk. He is just the type of bub who doesn't go to sleep with a tummy half full nor go back to sleep when waken up with the same tummy condition.

I would love him to sleep through the night so I can sleep un-interrupted but I don't mind waking up to feed him as he doesn't create a fuss. of course, he would cry or make noise to let us know that he is awake and then would just dose off while eating.

He is still breastfeeding up to now. We don't see the need to wean him despite the fact that he got 2 teeth already. He had tried to bite me several times, but they were just playfull use of teeth.

04 April 2008

Sky Watch 2

This shot was when the car stopped on the red light. It's a sign infront of the shop where we go sometimes for clothes shopping or errands other than food shopping. We do our food shopping in a 5-minute-drive shop down south. The parking and shops are all in one level, very convenient.

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03 April 2008

New Food: Grapes

Jens finally had a whole green grape. That's because we bought the long overdue fresh food feeder.

I had given him peeled and diced grapes so he can chew the little bits or so I thought. It turned out though that he was just stocking up the bits and pieces inside his mouth and not swallowing them. But he looked like chewing them. He just might have been sucking them or something like that. So I stopped giving him at all.

The fresh good feeder is a good invention for giving fresh fruit and veggies to babies. Though according to MIL, it is the most un-hygeinic thing to stick in babies mouth as the mesh is cloth and has a tendency to breed bacteria. Well, that is if it is left moist or unwashed with food for a long time.

Jens didn't like the green grapes though so I might just be able to use the feeder with watermelon.

01 April 2008

Wordless Wednesday 3

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Knock! Knock!

Jens loves tapping his hands on anything. His Nans called it playing the piano if he's doing it on the table and playing the drums if on a chair.
Mcj used to teach him to knock on the door and he would do it with palm open. Recently, his Dad taught him to properly knock. And Jens had learned very quickly.
Now, Jens knows how to knock on the door even if he's inside. :) And instead of tapping to table or the chair sometimes, he would knock on them.

I just love looking at him doing it!