Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

31 May 2008

Something About Mummy

Got this interesting tag from Joy. Thanks, girl.

1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to YEN and she’ll add your blogs to the master’s list here! Yup, another linking thingy but this one has 15 questions and you get to enjoy answering them too!
3. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
Words matter most.

2. What’s your favorite kind of cake?
chocolate mudcake (been trying to make one but just looking for the ingredients beats me)

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
Buy them... i don't think I'm that creative.

4. What’s your favorite holiday?

5. Are you going on holiday this year? If so, where?
hopefully back "home". crossing my fingers

6. What was the best party you’ve ever been to?
New Years Eve party with inlaws for th first time

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
it was quick but sweet.

8. What’s the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to you?
when Mcj surprises me with anything.

9. What’s your favorite girl’s name?
For now Yzabelle. My niece.

10. What’s your favorite boy’s name?
Jens, of course

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
Forrest Gump. Love his attitude. Inspired of the movie seen today for the nth times. :)

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful?
The Hepburns.

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
George Clooney

14. What is your best character trait?
None... hehehe! I'm the person who doesn't lift herself up. :)

15. What is your worst habit?

I'm tagging Mich, Mitch, Arlene, ZJ and Borski&Nai.

Nothing is Free

The Mummy is on a ranting mode.

Recently, Mcj entered into a new contract to the telephone company to streamline all our phonelines - the landline, fax and broadband connection - into one bill and will create us some savings. And it's been more than two months and everytime the bills come through, I can still hear Mcj complain that we still receive separate bills plus overbillings. Reporting the case doens't come easy. The phone would just be off the hook for being tied up in a queueing program and be put on hold.

I guess, there's really no such thing as free (except for really deemed freebies). You have to work your butt off for any penny that may come your way.

Good thing, for our other computer needs (like computer memory), our trusted friend comes into the picture. We know that we're getting the best at a good price.

I hope there will be no more long phone calls of the same matter next month.

30 May 2008

Nappy Loot

We received a playtent like this yesterday. It's a freebie from Jens' nappy.

The nappy packs has promo dollars printed on them. We collected about $20 (small packs contain sometimes $1 or $2 and bigger ones have $4). We swapped the dollars with the tent. Cost us $18.

Jens wasn't that excited when he saw the tent - I have to get in first before he did. But today, he managed to get in and out for 3 times. He might enjoy it in the next days/months until it is worn out. This tent is real handy when playing at the backyard - the bull ants can't crawl and bite my little boy's legs. :)

Now, I'm in the lookout for more freebies. :)

26 May 2008

Big Milestone

The Little Boy made his first step today. Yayyyyyy!

Kiss Mummy...

that's Daddy talking to the little boy.

Tonight, he's been particularly good. He kept on kissing me and his Dad's hand.

Tell you, we didn't taught him to kiss us nor kissing on the lips. We were just surprised one day that he kissed us on the lips. He might have learnt it from his The Little Mermaid book. :)

25 May 2008

The Favorite Advert

Have you got a favorite ad that you can memorize the jingle on top of your head? Or be able to sing along while the advert is on telly? Well, you're like my little boy or the other way around. The sony bravia play doh rabbit advert is his current favorite. He would stop playing when it is on. He hastily finds his way close to the television if he was playing away from the lounge. Even when he is in the other room and eating, he would stop and listen. That's how much he loves it.

Listen to this so you may know why. You might like it also. :)

Time for Exercise (Please)

While waiting for Mcj to have dinner, Jens and I watched the telly and I did some exercises. Just simple stretching and resting of the back. The little boy found it real funny. By the look on his face, he wanted to join me. If only he can cycle his legs. And of course walk so I don't have to be looking after him. :)

I really need to have a rigorous exercise routine. Jens is getting heavier by the day and it is inevitable not to carry him as there are really times that he wants to be cuddled especially if he had just waken up. I need to have more strength on my arms and legs to be able to hold him longer. Plus, I get back aches sometimes. Not that there's a need of fitness equipment. Just more time in a day (please) so I could fit-in the routine. Though, the morning and afternoon walks are doing me wonder (for now).

Mummy, The Driver?

Whenever we're out, I'm always window-shopping for the car that I want for myself. I'm in the look for a small car but I don't like the hatch where the back passenger has to come in through the front seat. Mcj reckon, why do I still think like a passenger when it will be my own car. Yes, I am indeed thinking the convenience of my passenger. He said, who will go with you? You can't even steer a pram. lol. Well, let's see about that. I still don't know how to drive anyway so there's no sense of driving my point when I don't have any. :)

I am thinking, I should start to study theoretically now and maybe, we should buy an old car first for me to practice. That way, we won't cry our heart out incase I bump it into something. Probably, by the time that I get my L or P license, the government had already imposed the new ruling of attaching a GPS (more like gps fleet tracking) to those type of license holders so they can be easily tracked when accident happens. Or maybe, I would still be a passenger by then. :)

23 May 2008

View from the Park

Join SW here.

Little Soldier

The last time we went shopping, Mcj wanted to buy Jens a camouflage vest and pants with the same color. The vest has no matching pants though. Problem was, all the smaller sizes that would fit the little boy were sold out. We scoured every isle of the kids clothing section, to no avail. The Daddy said, Jens would look cool in them (just needs a tactical holster to be a little soldier). Mcj was happy to buy the bigger size but the vest was apt for winter and I reckoned, by the time Jens can wear it, it wouldn't be cold at all. We ended up buying a hoodie of the same shade.

22 May 2008

The Tatapilla Now in Bloggerwave

I signed up this blog in bloggerwave and was instantly approve hence this post. Another moolah making activity while blogging.

I noticed though that I've been updating this blog more than my personal one. Not surprisingly. There are more things to write about the little boy everyday. There's not just enough time to do it. By the time he's asleep at night, I already feel comfy in my jammies curled up in bed with pop corn while watching the telly. But of course, there are opportunities that I need to finish so I am compelled to get online. I should be more motivated as blogging is not just about writing my thoughts and making friends but as well as making money (for me that is).

Cockroaches or Grapes?

The color of my toe nail polish is aubergine. Dark. Mcj calls my nails cockroaches. Jens would lick them if he comes near my feet. I am not surprised. He licks anything anyway. He used to lick my toenails whatever the color was.

What surprised me was when T, a two year old girl in our playgroup one day tried to lick my toe nails. We were at the sandpit swinging and she was lying on her stomach close to me then all of a sudden ducked her head.

She loves grapes. She might have seen my toe nails as red globe grapes. lol.

Inspector Jens

Our Little Boy is learning at the rate of knots. When on the floor he has routines and remembers everything that he can get into any mischief. We've childproof the house as much as we can but however we may have, there are stuff that we thought he can't access or is not within his reach, yet he still try all his might (on tippy-toes and various positions) so he can get into it.

Lately, he found out how to open another lower cupboard where all the microwavable dishes are kept. I just heard one day the glass dishes thumping on the floor. Now, the knob of the cupboards are tied with rubberbands. And since it is elastic, Jens still tried to open them.

We call him the inspector or detective. He can pick-up the littlest of stuff on the floor and can put hi fingers in the littlest gap there is. I'll just wait for him to put on exam gloves one day and scour the cupboard where the onions and potatoes or where all the cleaning materials are kept.

We're running out of rubberbands, might as well add it in our shopping list.

17 May 2008

Bird Chaser

We went out yesterday to do some errand. Restos and foodcourts were packed with people at lunch time so we had take-away lunch at the park. The weather was very nice - warm.

There were lots of birds scouring around for food. This is Jens crawling towards the bird. We just let him crawl away as far as he can towards the bird. He stopped though when he saw the purse of that lady in black. I have to hurrily chase him.

A group of Asian teens was sitting close to us and when they left, these birds came to the rescue for some crumbs and bits and pieces. Jens chased them away.

Peter Pointer

Jens learned how to point a month ago. And his right hand is constantly pointing to anything. I reckon, he will go to sleep pointing.

When at the lounge room, he would always look up and point at the ceiling fan. It's not used now due to cold season. Mcj would sometimes whirl it round manually and the little Boy would have sooo much fun.

When at the hall, the wall light (like the wall sconces in Hinkley lighting) never escapes his attention. He would sometimes urge me to turn it on. Oh, any light light amazes him and the Peter Pointer is always on.

Now that he can point, it is very easy to communicate with Jens. It's easy to understand what he wants.

Jens' Fave Toys

A long overdue tag from Roselle. Apology sis for taking me too long to post this. Better late than never, right? lol.

Here are the rules:
Post a photo of your baby with her first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy (like what I did below). This will make a good memento when your baby grows up!

Lastly, before you pass this on to six mommies, don’t forget to add the link to your website/s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!

This bike is one of the first toys that we bought for him. He would hang on to the handle right away when you let him ride but will shift his attention to the horn. Toot-toooot!

He loves books. These keep him company when he is alone especially the talking one.

Jens has different set of toys in every location. This box has been a toy for more than three months now and just last week, he was able to push it and walked around the lounge. I reckon, he doesn't need a walker anymore.

The little sofa is just to crowd his playpen. He steps onto it sometimes to watch what's around him. The singing ball is a good buy and works like magic.

Btw, Jens can play with anything - juice bottles, plastic dish, paper, boxes, etc. He is not choosy.

Want to snag this tag? Go ahead. And let me know so I can check it out. :)

Forming Habits

We know that habits are easy to form. Just drum the traits into the child consistently always and at a younger age.

I bought Jens his first toothbrush when he was 7 months old. I am not consistent in brushing his teeth, I confess. But Jens loves doing it. It is just one thing that Mummy doesn't mind when he puts in his mouth. :)

It's enjoying the little things in life that counts. He investigates everything so I let him wander off in the kitchen even sometimes when the floor hasn't been washed for days. We let him crawl in the park chasing birds and picking up leaves rubbish sometimes. He had a great time playing on the floor of the baby room in the mall. And at the end if these, we washed his hands directly under the tap (faucet for you in RP). And he loves it, the water actually is the lure. Of course, the same goes before eating. I know that he will remember to do it when he is on his own.

Next thing that we have in mind is toilet training him. We've planned in doing so three months ago but we forgot to buy a potty whenever when we were at the mall. :) But we'll come around and do it.

16 May 2008

Still A Girl

Jens had been mistaken as a girl when he was very young. I thought it would not happen again now that he wears really boy-ish outfit and it can be seen clearly as he can stand up. I was wrong.

Jens was crawling around in the baby room at the mall and two ladies on their 50's came in with a tot in tow. One lady said to me, your child is very beautiful. Well, I didn't corrected her as Jens always gets that compliment even from folks we know. Anyway, I heard them talking and saying that Jens is a beautiful baby. Then before they left, they ask if he's a girl. OMg! Well, we just told her that he's a he and felt flattered.

I hope when Jens grow his hair long, he'll not be mistaken to be a girl anymore. Though, it doesn't hurt to be called beautiful. :)

14 May 2008

I listen to

We are listening to the nursery rhymes now that I downloaded from here. Jens loves them especially if Mcj sings them with action. He thought his Dad is funny.

What Your Taste in Music Says About You

Your musical tastes are reflective and complex.

You are intellectual to the point of being cerebral.

You are very open to new experiences, and even more open to new ideas and theories.

Wisdom and personal accomplishment are important to you.

You are naturally sophisticated. You are drawn to art, especially art by independent artists.

You are likely to be financially well off... and not because you were born that way.

On Personal Loans

Last night the government (Labor Party) release its budget after more than 10 years. It focuses more on the working family as promised during the election campaign. Some notable points (for me that is) are the increase of baby bonus to 5k but it will be means tested come 2009. It means, those that are well-off will not receive it. Plus, it will be given every fortnight not one off. Then, there's the big billion for education in all levels, plus the health and infrastracture and so on. It was said that budget should slightly reduces inflation pressure. Well, some says that remains to be seen. But for now, interest rate is on its record high. That's really big pressure to the working family whether you're house is on mortgage or you are renting. Some even lost their home because they can't afford to pay the mortgage. This is the time when Personal Loans that are easy to come by come in handy. One example is the personalloansmania which doesn't require collateral for the loan. I'm sure there are companies such as this in your area.

Shopping Boy

Since Jens was able to sit by himself, we don't use his pram to go shopping. We just use the shopping trolley where he can sit and be part of the shopping mob. He enjoys looking at all the merchandise displays and the lights. Lately, I always bring something for him to eat just incase he gets whiney. Or else, we gave him some crackly pack to play with. But he is a good boy to go shopping with. I am not just sure when he's on the stage that he wants something and we can't buy it for him. :)

Car Loan

I don't know how to drive, yet and I haven't been trying to learn. Our car is a 4WD and well, if you know that I am one of those "great things that come in small packages", you'll know that I won't be able to drive it. I told Mcj that I will just learn how to drive if I got my own car. As of now, we can't afford to buy one. We just finished paying the other one. I'm thinking, if I am working I would be able to afford a second hand car. Or we might use the Used Car Loan facility which is very popular here, if we can not buy it in cash. A company like complete loan source is very handy on this type necessity in life. This company even approved Car Loan online.

13 May 2008

Playgroup 6

Today's playgroup was no different than the previous except that Jens made another boy cry. The boy(H) was standing on the sand pit with his hands holding onto the bench and Jens wanted to go there also, so I let him. He was on the other end but came closer to H, and started to hold onto H sleeve. I've been catching his hand as he might pull H. Then, all of a sudden he point his finger straight to H eye. He really didn't poke it, just touched on the lid but you know kids. Even Jens would cry if threathened. :)

Also, Jens managed to pass through the tunnel even when T was on the way unlike last week that he cried when he got stuck.

My little boy is very independent. He found his own toy and amused himself. He pushed the tunnel away from us. Then sat down to munch some tree branch. Lol.
As usual Jens had sooo much fun.

Busy Schedule

My permanent resident visa was just granted. I should be planning for our trip back to the Philippines soon but there are hold-ups. First, Jens hasnt got a passport yet. We are big procrastinators. We've been preparing it since he got his birth certificate but being procrastinators, we always just plan on doing so. One of these days, I will book an appointment to apply for it. Second, Mcj got an appointment for his major dental work (this I wouldn't have to worry about the best weight loss pills as I'm pretty sure he'll lose weight then) on August. Sure we can go before August but June is also the end of financial year here and Mcj is incharge of the books. That's the reason why he didn't set his dental appointment in June. I want to spend a month or more in the Philippines and I wouldn't settle for anything less nor I would like us to feel pressure during the trip. Then, there's the impending plantation of seedlings which I don't know when but most probably between July and September. I couldn't win. I

I wish though that we can go on December as it the best time of the year to spend vacation in the Philippines. I miss Christmas and New Year back home. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully. Nonetheless, I would be happy to just go back there anytime. :)

11 May 2008

On Drink

I had a hard time answering this meme. It was either I don't know what the question was or I couldn't find an appropriate answer. So, this doesn't reall speak for myself. I drink occasionally (alcohol rehab has no chance on me) and since I was pregnant, I don't even drink on occasions.

You Are Rum

You're the life of the party, and a total flirt

You are also pretty picky about what you drink

Only the finest labels and best mixed cocktails will do

Except if you're dieting - then it's Diet Coke and Bicardi all the way

Mum and Shoes

This meme is sooo ironic. I own quite a lot pair of shoes and yet I am barefoot. :)

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl

You can't be restricted by shoes for very long

And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men

Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are

Yet, I found my match!

A Trip To The Shop

Though Mcj isn't feeling good today, I managed to drag him to the shop. I was planning to shop tomorrow but he will be busy. I could go on Monday as he has a dental appointment at a clinic which happens to be soo close to the shop but because it is very early, I won't go.

One of his gifts for me for Mother's Day was a gift check and MIL also gave me a voucher of the same store. And all I just wanted were new bedsheets including quilt coverset (next year it would be something grand like laptop.lol) and that store has a discount on manchester.

I got my gift and a lot more. It always happens. I go to the shop with a shopping list but I am always tempted to buy something else or more. This time they were good buys as they were for my one-and-a-half-men.

Jens didn't get an afternoon sleep but wasn't whiney at all. Because of course, he was either busy eating some fruit/biscuit or the tags on the clothes. He had his first taste of fast food junk food - french fries - and he loved it. He chomped it real quick but was only hiding the bits and pieces in his cheeks.

He went to sleep on the way home and my heart just went to him as I woke him up from his car seat but he went back to sleep right away in my arms amidst the slamming of the door and the tv.

10 May 2008

For Mummies And Friends

Received a greetings from Mich. Thank you very much, girl!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
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  1. Just choose any mother’s day graphics from zwani to greet the mommies you know.
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Greeting Joy, Arlene, Mitch, Sexymom, Liza, Utahmommy and Roselle.


Received this award from Joy. Thanks so much, sis! This is a fab gift for mother's day.

I'm passing this on to WirelessBliss, Idealpinkrose and Rocks.

Hooked on M*A*S*H

You seldom see me outside of the house at 5pm. It is M*A*S*H time. I would usually be feeding Jens his dinner while watching it. I'm soo into it that as much as possible I don't want to miss any episode of it. Jens is the same. However busy he is with playing or eating but upon hearing the soundtrack, it's like a red-light on the street or a whistle that will stop him or catch his attention.

Th acronym M*A*S*H means Mobile Army Surgical hospital. It is a tv series about doctors assigned in South Korea (in MASH 4077) during the war. It is more of a black comedy and a drama as well.

Just so you know some more, here are some random facts:

  • There are 251 episodes in eleven season for a three-year war. (I wanted to own DVDs of this but my budget couldn't afford it.)
  • Two of the cast members, Jamie Farr (Klinger) and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce) served in the U.S. Army in Korea in the 1950s after the Korean War. The dog tags (medical jewelry)Farr wears on the show are his actual dogtags. Farr served as part of a USO tour with Red Skelton.
  • Radar's teddy bear, once housed at the Smithsonian, was sold at auction July 29, 2005, for $11,800.
  • On Sesame Street, Big Bird's teddy bear is named Radar. This is in homage to Radar O'Reilly's teddy bear.
  • It has a very interesting introduction. Curious?

09 May 2008

Weekend Sickness

It's Friday and Mcj is showing signs of getting sick. His tooth was aching on and off for two days now and he has a bloated tummy right now. MIL said that we should contact the dentist to ask for a script of antibiotics now. You see, the Daddy always gets sick on weekends.

Last Easter was the worst. Being a long weekend, the afterhour doctor didn't get to see him until 9PM after us ringing around 5PM. It wasn't an emergency and if it was we were advised to go straight to the hospital, but antibiotics were urgently needed then to stop the inflamation. You just can't buy a simple antibiotics over-the-counter. Medical services are of its highest class here, I couldn't complain but at times these, it would be nice to air ambulance services available. As an ambulance service, it just doesn't cater to emergency situations but non-emergencies as well in a 24 hour call.

Well, Mcj got a very early dental appointment on Monday morning. I just hope he won't he would feel alright until then.

08 May 2008

The Who? :)

We went for a long drive yesterday to pick-up some meat from the butcher (the meat were priced as wholesale and they were way cheaper than in the local shops). Mcj played the Who music and at first, I thought the music was familiar. I didn't realize that they were CSI's sound tracks until the second track was on the air. Then, CSI Miami with it's beaches, luxury yatch and apartments; CSI New York with the high rise, glitters at night; and CSI with vegas hotels, casinos, desserts; came flashing in my mind.

We love watching CSIs that even Jens can relate to the music.

I didn't know the singers then and Mcj said, it was the WHO. They were one of the leading rock and roll band in the 60s and 70s. Mcj has a cassette tape of one of their album (their might be more if I check his collections). It's a shame that we have cassette player only in the car so I can't play it always. :)

I Heart

Walking while pushing the pram twice a day almost each day is enough exercise for me. Sometimes, when we go too far.. it was soo tiring that I slept after the session. But there is this fitness equipment advertised on telly that I want to buy. I just want to enhance some part of my body that I reckon I lack. Now, I'm really talking like a vain lass which I am not. It is mentioned in the commercial where you can buy the equipment and I also saw it in many shop catalogues. One day, I'll get around and look at it in the shop and let's see if I still want to buy it.

Anyway, with the increasing trend of skinny population and with the need to lose weight for some people, apart from the sprouting of diet regimes and pills here and there, fitness equipments have been on their boom. Peakbody is among the companies that supplies fitness equipment to the trade retailers and end users like the gyms and fitness centers. It offers not just equipment (in different brands) but nutritional products as well.

07 May 2008

New Food: Avocado and Pear

As much as possible, I don't give the Little Boy any processed food. I already cut-out the fruit juice. His grandma reckons, that made him hyper.
The process food that he has now are his biscuits which he only eats if there's no fruit available for snacks, and his cereal which I mixed with veggies and it is his breakfast.
Hi main meal are mainly mixed steam veggies. Snacks would be fruit. I really dedicate time to prepare them - peel, dice and store them properly except for banana.
This week he had pear and avocado. He didn't show any sign that he doesn't like them so it's all positive sign. Well, he eats anything anyway... even sand, paper, leaves. :)

I sliced the pear and because they were soft, it was easy enough for him to chew. No sign of choking whatsoever.
I gave him the avocado, plain and he sort of gagged. So, I tried to gave him my mix (avocado with sugar) and he liked it. That was his dinner today.
I am really happy that Jens eats everything that I offered him. I just hope he would remain this way until toddler stage. Or even until he's a teenager and so on. That way, he won't have any weight problem and using pills like Phentermine is not even slightly considered.

It Counts

On our way home from the park, Mcj said the petrol light on the car was on. I told him to fill-up on the petrol station on the next block. But the sight outside the station was really outrageous. The price of leaded fuel was wayyyy up. Much higher than the un-leaded when it fact, leaded goes through not much processing (and it means less expenses for the company). Mcj couldn't justify this to himself. So, we didn't fill up. I reckon, we'll wait for a few more days. The fuel prices are fluctuating everyday.

I don't know if the news of the holding of the interest rate of Reserve Bank of Australia, would do good on the prices of fuel. It will surely do good to the home buyers. No more interest hike from the mortgage lenders in the near future. But, according to the news.. it wouldn't be long until RBA would annouce another rate hike. For now, I will be watching out for the fuel prices to go down and we'll dash to the petrol station with our discount voucher. Every penny that we save counts, you know. :)

06 May 2008


A tag from Mitch.

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Rosselle, Julai, Mich and Arlene; ladies would you be happy to do this tag? Thanks!

Daddy's Dental Work

The Daddy is scheduled for a major dental work this month. Should be ASAP. He had his first dental appointment more than a month ago and the dental impression two weeks ago but because there is only one dentist that perform dental surgery with general anaesthetics in the clinic that he was booked in, it will take more than two months for the entire works to finish. Now you know, how short our area is of skilled medical professionals. Calling nurses, dentists, doctors, etc. etc. etc. :)

Since, the appointments are all set, our main concern now is the finances. Whether we have pennies in our pocket or bank accounts or not, this should be done. No question about that. We have medical insurance (it's not a medigap) but we're not sure that it will cover the cost. Our monthly premium eats up a big chunk of our bank account but we're only covered of the extras. As far as I know and after reading the booklet,it doesn't include hospital cover (this calls for a review of the board.hehehe). Oh well, whatever it is, it is.

My Little Helper

This afternoon, Mcj nursed Jens while I pick the washing off the line. They played on the grass but because of the bull ants, Dad put him on the washing basket. I had to get another basket for my washing while he enjoys rocking on the other one. It's his new ride. Better than a real car (doesn't need accessories like Cadillac grills).
He just woke up but the minute that he was placed onto it, he hung on real tight and started rocking. He was pushed up to the house then. Just one of the simple things that he enjoys most.

Jens' Asset

The little boy has more money on his name than his Mum. He receives some money from the government every fortnight. Mcj put it in our savings maximizer account to earn interest (we didn't open an account in the name of Jens as below 18 year old account holder pays taxes on interest). As a matter of fact, Daddy and Mummy owe him his entire baby bonus. We used it to pay for Mummy's maternity hospital bill. Well, he wouldn't be here without the bill anyway. :) But we mean to pay it back to him.

I reckon, when he gets on the right age he could just invest his money and that might be his source of living. He could employ his dad as a broker instead of hiring a futures broker. That's a long way to go, I know. Meantime, Daddy has to work hard to puff-up the account first.

05 May 2008

The Big Mischief

Mcj's uncle is at the hospital for some heart trouble. We went to visit him this evening. We chanced upon him on the visiting lounge so we just stayed there to talk. There were just us so it was really nice for Jens as he can play without distructing anybody. The minute Mcj put him down, he wandered around right away - crabwalking on the table, reaching for the magazines, climbing onto furnitures. One of us, had to really focus on him lest he would be into some mischief. He tried to eat his shoes, took his socks off and chewed on them, wanted to tear the magazines apart, pulled the leaves on the artificial plant, crawled his way to the rubbish bin, and so many cheeky things that I can't remember anymore. He was just full of beans. I rummaged in my bag to look for anything that will interest him but only found hanky, hand towel, my purse (which I couldn't give to him), one of my pens (not the logo pens), and some dockets. Not so interesting things that he just threw away. Good thing is we just stayed there for less than an hour or he would have done more mischief or tire us out from chasing him. He was really tired when we left home but he was able to do all those stunts. I wonder where he gets his energy. :)

04 May 2008

Shopping for Bed

I like browsing through a furniture catalogue (there was one that came in the junk mail yesterday) and marvel at the excellent piece of work. I am looking for a bedroom suite (not office furniture) that will suit my fancy. What we got now is really excellent - the mattress is nice and made of hardwood. It's the style and design that I don't really like because it doesn't allow a good cleaning of the botton of the furniture. You can't fit the vacuum cleaner head or broom. They were made too low on the ground.

There were bedroom suite styles that you can clean at the bottom but it's the bed that has a problem (well for me, that is). The bed isn't flat rather hollow with a provisor for the cushion to fit in. Do you know what the problem in this type of bed? It is too hard to tuck the sheets in. It is either your hands will get caught under the bed or you can't make the bed neatly. Grrrr. Mcj reckon, if I would be this fussy on furnitures, it is better for us to make one or have it made to my likings. Lol.

02 May 2008

Retail Therapy

Jens and I walked to the shops this morning mainly to mail our request for a toy freebie from the nappy that the little boy is using. It needs to be registered so we can't just drop it at night when we usually do our shopping with Mcj. It was my exercise. And when we were there, I couldn't resist doing some retail therapy - clothes for me and a pair of pants for Jens. I also bought Mcj thongs/flipflops. I tell you, it was really therapeutic. I just finished trying on my loot. :)

Now that is big enough and finds the shops amusing, I can actually do my shopping at the shop. Not when he was young, that I mostly do it online. Thanks to the invention of shopping cart software. I can shop at home.

Ashop (shopping cart software) might be one of the shopping cart used by the shopping sites where I usually transact. I'm sure these shopping sites are aware of the presence of this ecommerce software, that offers a complete solution for online shopping sites.

01 May 2008

It's Weekend Again!

One sleep more and it will be weekend again.

I love weekend not just because it means rest from cooking (I don't get day-off.. lol).. just cooking, but also because it means pigging out. It is the time when we can have bad food or contraband (as Mcj would call it). Usually fast food, instant food.. or anything fatty yet indulgent. I used to eat instant noodles and drink cola during weekends. They were my treat. Well, I guess doing this habit on weekends won't get us to the point that we need colon cleanse.

And though I don't get day-off from being a Mum, Mcj can look after Jens while I'm watching telly, blogging, reading or just lying down. :)

And sometimes, surprises come at weekend also. :)

Updates on the Little Boy

Daddy calls him the dare devil. He had learned to stand without holding onto something and he would do it almost all the time when we're on our big bed. Not that much on the floor though or on the ground. I guess, he's just a cautious baby, always making sure that he will land on soft spot.

He now knows to shake his head as in saying NO. So if you're asking him questions, the answer would always be NO. lol.

And he understands the word NO. But he will try to do it again. :) Just incase Daddy and Mummy aren't looking.

He only got two teeth at the bottom but he can chew his food. I stopped whizzing his food rather cut them very fine and just cook them well. If it is lumpy, I would just mash it slightly. He loves chewing fruit.


He gives us kisses out of the blue. And take note, on the lips sometimes. :)


He can remember where he puts things. If you ask him where was it, he would look at it or pick it up.


Oh, and he knows lots of things now.. I mean he can recognize what the phone, book, bottle, box, ball, shoes, food, dinner, spoon, plate, flower, moon, star, birds, cat, and lots more.


He is very observant. We went to the hospital yesterday and when we reached the parking area, he looked around.. as in all around and taking in everything that he saw.

Lending Companies

I spotted a lending company office/store at the shop yesterday. I was really surprised of its location because it is infront of a department store. I thought, I could find such office only in areas where similar businesses are in place. But I reckon it was a very strategic location as most people frequented the shops. And this lending office is also sort of like a pawnshop so it is really different. Plus, it offers loans without collateral (from what I gather in the ads). The ads usually targets those who have bad credit records and can't get through to loads of requirements for loans from the bank. This sort of financial institution that offers Personal Loans for Bad Credit had sprouted everywhere. I think, because they've been patronized of people who are in dire streets. Well, because such companies work like magic. They're quick to approve and grant personal loans and could be available online.

Local Shops

It is convenient to shop locally. We are just very close to most shops that driving is not taxing. Plus parking is free. Most shops are one level including the parking or sometimes, if the parking happens one level down or up, a travellator is provided so it's convenient for prams and wheelchairs.

The Competitions

I received my first magazine freebie the other day and opened it yesterday. There are many interesting topics about parenting and babies but what I like best are the competitions and freebies. I've seen three competitions that I would like to join in and my mind is constantly working on what would my entry be. The prizes are not that hefty but surely I could use them especially the voucher for the online pharmacy. Maybe, I could use it for buying some toiletries and beauty products (except one for acne treatment as I don't need it). But first things first, I need to give the best answers before the prizes come in. :)

The Little Mischief

The little boy has proved to be a very curious and investigative mischief. Why, when you put him on the floor, he would visit every nook and corner of the house, and every room too including the bath and toilet. He would pull every bits and pieces of papers, plastic or just anything hanging on the shelves. We made the house as child-proof as much as possible but we couldn't do more with the open shelves unless we replace them or maybe buy some stuff like that of speaker mount so everything would be out of reach of the little bugger. :) But I reckon, he would soon be over with the investigative stage yet, I am also scared of the toddler phase. Mcj one night said, Mummies always wish that their kids will stay as a baby so there wont be too much worry. Oh well, we always have a bit of everything, aren't we?

A $2 Moment?

You can't buy happiness, they always say. Indeed!

Can you buy this look for 2 bucks? Not to mention the little boy's happiness and pride - showing off that he can drive. This moment? Certainly not! But this just cost us that much. And some "hang on, hang on" every now and then. :)

This not-so-little girl had a free ride. I don't really know why she hid her face. She might not want her photo taken or she's a bit shy. But still I took some photos of her. :)

Gear for Winter

It has been very cold for two days now - really cold that I now have three layers of clothes and I wore cardigans at day time. Cardigans are just what I need, as well as knitted tops, fleece jackets and any cuddly-material-made clothing. If I am working, I would really need boots. I used to have a pair back in RP but I gave them away as I reckon I won't be needing them here. If I only I had thought of winter.

I've been looking up the internet for styles that I would like, and checking the junk mails (shop catalogue) - just in case, I would really be needing one. Not just for me but for Mcj as well. I think the lofty Lucchese boots would do him up. While my little boy would do with his (still new) shoes and long socks for now. :)

Being Parents

Funny how things turn around when you have kids. You put the needs/wants of your little one ahead of yours. I've heard this from my friends who are Mums and Dads but when the experience hit me firsthand, I was overwhelmed and I felt proud of myself. "Now I know", was what I can only say.

We went to the shop today to pick-up some stuff for my mother-in-law after dropping off my father-in-law in the hospital for his check-up. We don't know how much time do we have until we pick-up again FIL so we were in haste. We would only look for the stuff that we came to the store for. But outside the shop there were books displayed so while I was paying at the counter, Mcj and Jens browsed. He had three books in his hands but I reckon, they were dear so I chose another one and paid for it in the self-serve check-out (my first time). You see, we've been saving my loose change (especially the $2) for the rides but we used them up for the book. Normally, we don't hang around more after shopping but because of our little boy... we get to see other stuff and eventually buy them. :)