Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

28 June 2008

Water and Bath!

Bath time is one of the most exciting and happy time of the day. But dressing up after the bath is the exact opposite. It is the whinging and crying time. The Tatapilla wouldn't come out of the bath, that's the problem. So dressing up is a battle. I have to invent all sorts of games or give him toys just to finish the task.

Up til now, Jens is still using the watching tub not a walk in tub. It's already difficult to manage him in the small tub let alone in the big one. So, the small tub suffice for now. We might just buy him a big washing basin to use outside when it's summer. By that time, he might be able to know how to waddle.

Jens loves water and a trip to the park close to the beach is a joy to him.

27 June 2008

Early Riser for the Big Day

We went to the city for my appointment and it was very early. I think, Jens was the youngest passenger in the very early train in that day. He was very good though, stayed awake all the way to.

It was a very busy day for us. Jens had been very good.

I went to open my personal account during that day also. Funny, I was asked what will I do with my money. Spend of course. :) I think, I need a budget software to be able to come up a surplus to invest, with the rate of my shopping spree these days. :)

It was a successful day for us. Had managed to attend to all appointments and errands. And Jens had been excellent as well as Daddy. :)

20 June 2008


...Up to the lookout - overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
More skywatch here.

Up There

Even if we didn't have a dip into the water, we still enjoyed the hike to the lookout. The view was magnificent and refreshing. We were not that far from the water but look, can you decipher if some of the swimmers were wearing sexy swimwear or not? There weren't much actually because maybe because it was winter but hey, they looked like having a good time then. Well, the water was surely soo inviting.

19 June 2008

Fun Day

This is the little boy having fun at the park in Goldcoast. It was a chilly day but not cold enough to prevent us from going out. It is winter now but the latter part of Autumn was colder then. Obviously, we don't need the aircon (with air conditioning compressor) these days (unless inverted) to make our life pleasant. We haven't used our heater yet and we still love it outdoor.

The Wheels on the Bus...

go round and round... round and round.

Inspired by that song, the Daddy wanted to buy the little boy with a toy car in the shop this evening. Problem was, because it was a supermarket, the number and variation of toys were limited. We only saw those that were apt for kids 3+ and I objected to buy them. The little boy doesn't need them yet. With the small parts that might choke him even if made of steel (he can't bite them), I am still very cautious. Up to the point that we're lightly arguing. Imagine. I consolingly told him that we're going shopping on weekend for gifts (for Jens' mate) anyway. We might as well buy the toy then. So we went home without any toys, just food.

New Tricks

My little boy is really becoming clever. Yeah, you heard it right. I'm a proud Mum.

He liked watching commercials and those telly shows that has snappy jingles. Plus sports. He'd been taught the rules of cricket and now he knows the hand language of four and six. Soon, the "out". It wouldn't be long till he swing golf clubs, I reckon.

Then, he can tell us where is/are his head, big fat belly, tongue, feet, nose (though his finger always landed on his upper lip), and feet. He's getting confused with his hands but he can wriggle the right. He's learning at know rate and I'm running out of ideas. Hehehe.

13 June 2008


These photos were shot while driving out of our street. My husband saw the stream first and pointed out to me. Well, after seeing it... we had a bit of a discussion how cold it must be up/out there hence freezing the stream.

Oh, I just thought the white stream was a perfect contrast to a blue sky.

Want to see more of skywatch? Visit here.

12 June 2008

Basking On A Wet Sand

Jens giving out bickies :)

This week's playgroup was at the park as the hall was booked ahead. It rained the previous day so the playground was wet. But that didn't stopped the kids from playing on the slide, swing, rocking animals and crawling on the sand. We couldn't stop them.

Funny Face

This one I have yet to capture in photos. But I can't wait so I am talking about it now.

Jens has this trick when he wants something to get his message across. He would sort of like whinge while his eyes tight shut.

Tonight, he wanted to eat some of our dessert (cakes) and he pulled that trick. The next thing he did was smile while doing the eyes trick. Then I told him to do the funny face while mimicking him. And he did it! I just taught him twice.

All night, he kissed Mcj and made the funny face after. Apart from me telling him to do the funny face and he did. He was indeed very funny. As usual, he made our day/night. We don't need the best acne treatment ever as we won't get any acne as we are stress-free. Thanks to the Tatapilla for making us laugh.

08 June 2008

New Tricks

Cleaning Motion

This is Jens copying his Dad getting rid of the sand that were emptied from his pockets. It might have been the noise that amuse him hence, he mimicked, but he was really quick to do the trick. He now cleans anything even when we don't tell him to.

Round and round
The lounge room is a very small place for the Tatapilla. When playing, it wouldn't take long for him to notice the ceiling fan. He would point at it and make a circling motion with his index finger or his whole hands. First the fan then the clock... then anything now goes round and round.

Twinkling stars
It started when he was playing with something sticky in his hands - squishing it. I thought, maybe he could do the "twinkle twinkle little star" action, so I taught him three nights ago and he picked it up in a snap. He doesn't do it much often as the "round and round" motion but he would do it with his routine of tricks when he tries to con me not to send him off to sleep.

Playing with clothes
Anything close by would be a toy for him. Clothes would be waved in the air, more like swatting flies. The hat could not stay on his head longer than one minute. We were supposed to buy him eyeglasses (sunglasses, of course) two weeks ago - he really looked cool in them, but with him snatching everything from his head/face, it wasn't practical at his age. Maybe, when he can stand not to get rid of them.

03 June 2008

Enjoying the Playtent

The Tatapilla now loves playing in/with his tent. Sometimes he would stay inside, other times just peeked in to pick up some toys or most of the time just went in and out at another opening. :)

Look at his toys! He plays with anything, plastic bottle and dish, a box of tissue, anything. He'll make fun out of it. Talking of contented and creative kid. :)

I just mended this book and put it inside the tent. He went in right away to check it. It has a button that when you press, Henry Horse neighs.