Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

29 July 2008


At least we can go to sleep earlier than what we used to. Recently, we've been inundated with sports telecast until the wee hour in the morning that we left the television on overnight.

Wimbledon. We stacked up munchies. It usually started around 10-11pm. If my favourite player was playing, I stayed up until the match was finished. The women's single finals was swift. But men, the men's was not. It was going on like foreever. Every set had a tie-breaker plus the rain. I finally went to sleep past 6am.

Golf. I think it was the French Open (not in Orlando golf). Greg Norman of Australia was leading so we watch. Err.. just Mcj. I went to sleep past midnight but I can still hear the telly going so I was more awake than as asleep.

Tour de France. It usually ended around 2am. It is not everynight but they always have reply and because Mcj wasn't able to watch most of the early part of each telecast, we turned-on every night.

Then there's the big event coming. Olympics! I think, we won't stay that late because of a little time difference. I hope.

Know Me More Tag

Thanks, Leah for this. Though, it's a little late.

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was busy studying for the CPA board exams at the same time enjoying life with friends. Carefree. I just finished college. :)

What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?
Reply to the email for a friend.
Look-up something in the net.
Iron some clothes if I have some time.

Snacks I enjoy
Crackers, pretzels, fruit, smoothie, soup, spaghetti, corn in a cob, muffin, chocolate, nuts, nilagang saging and more.

Places where I lived
Three places in Negros Occidental (Isabela, Binalbagan, Bacolod), Manila and now in Down Under.

Things I’d do if I were a billionaire
Secure our family's future including the extended and some relatives (financially, that is).
Travel. Travel. Travel.
Donate to foundations or sponsor a child.
Most of all, make it sure that I will stay a billionaire for the rest of my life if I can. :)
And live simply (low profile if possible - but money could be like a digital signage on your forehead if you are rich).

Now I'm tagging wirelessbliss, arlene, idealpinkrose, mich, julai, and Joy.

Real Spa For Mums

This is a fun meme from Arlene. Thanks, sis.

I don't visit spa. I can't remember if I ever did. :) Maybe once or twice. I'm not sure at all. Anyway, this indeed is a real spa.

Brow-threading. Whew! I haven't done this yet.. but I'm sure I will... soon. :)

Aroma therapy. Always. I'm actually a sniffer.

Microdermabrasion. I can't remember if this has happened yet. But it is too soon to say it won't. Hehehe.

Body-wrap. Always got this. Love it. Especially if it's in the shoulder. Love cuddles from the Tatapilla.

Blow-out. Yeah. When he sneeze. When he blow raspberries while eating. Not nice but funny. :)

Mitch, Mich, Eds.. would you like to do this also?

21 July 2008

Day Out

We went out to do some errand today to a place closer to Brisbane. We didn't catch the train because the plan was a bit far from the station. Instead we drove. And I'm happy that we did because it was hassle free. It didn't take us an hour to get there amidst the morning peak traffic in some part of the road - especially at the end of the motorway. The Tatapilla had been very good. He was whingy on the way - he was just hungry so I gave him bickie. I left him and his dad while I went to do my thing. It took me almost two hours. Mcj said, they went to the park nearby. They had fun. Until I rang up to asked them to pick me up. The moment his Daddy said that I was on the phone, he bawled - he might have forgotten about me and it just came into his memory that he has a Mum. Lol. It was a struggle for the poor Dad to get him into the car and strapped him. A couple of minutes of driving, Mcj looked back and he was fast asleep. Up until half an hour that we were home.

17 July 2008

Dad's Complaint

He's really fat. As if that just happens overnight. :)

And he's blaming me for it. That I serve snacks in between meals especially in the afternoon. I do really and they were heavy meals but I am used to it.

Well, he's not counting his big dinner and the lots of munchies that he has at night while wathing telly. They were all sweets and he eats them even until early morning. Plus, he doesn't have a real workout.

Oh well, we've agreed that I won't serve out snacks for him anymore. We'll just polish off what's left in the freezer that he particularly likes and we would stop buying them. And maybe, do some exercise. I'm sure he won't resort to top diet pills, because he doesn't like taking meds of any kind. At all.

Well, the plan sounds reasonable to me. I just have to play my part.

Fussy Eater Lately

A fellow blogger commented when she learned that the Tatapilla was teething that, at least he didn't lost weight. Well because he practically eats anything. Plus he is still on mooo-cow diet. If you know what I mean.

But lately, it got me worried a wee bit because he's fussy with his food. It might be because I introduced new flavours? Or was it because he was still full during meal time? He has munchies and moo-cows in between meals. Or because he wants to play during eating time? Or is it because he doesn't want me to buy Phentermine without prescription just incase he gets obese. Just kidding.

What I just did to ensure that he had eaten enough at night, the time when I seems he doesn't eat much at all, is to bring yoghurt in bed. He eats it while reading books and I don't have to worry him rejecting a spoonful.

A Bolster

The Tatapilla might be young to display such behavior but I reckon he's already a "bolster". From what I read, kids who try to ran away from their guardian the moment they were let loose were called that. It's not because they want to scare the wits out of you. It's just their way of showing independence.

Well, my boy exactly does that at times. During nappy change, he would crawl as fast as he could away from me with a rudy bum. He has this look of "run after me Mum". And he is laughing, not minding where is he going. Just away from me. It seems he's not trying to be indepedent but just want to annoy me. How could he play such a game when we haven't taught him that. It stumps me.

Musings of a Mum

My Little Boy had just turned one. Time flies so quick that everything happened in a blurr, but of course I certainly can remember the day and the previous when I delivered him into this world.

Now, Jens is really a toddler and a very handful one. Do you know that he throws tantrums when he wants something and I am exercising my will not to give in to him? Just like when he's eating. Whenever he sees his water cup, he wants it even if he's not thirsty. He would just play with it - splash the water all over the place. And of course drink some. I don't want to give him water while eating because he gets full quickly. So what he does when that happens? He would shut his mouth that you cant force him to open it, really. And only the water cup can make him open his mouth for a spoonful of food. Sometimes, I am at the point of breaking up and exercising my right. :)

Anyway, I realize that things such as these would be my delight in later years when he's trying to be independent. I would relish in reliving this memory in my mind, I'm sure. Listen to me. I'm talking as if I am already on the verge of leaving this world. LOL. Oh, Jens is just the joy of our lives. It seems our lives (MCJ and Mine) revolve around him. And while he's still little there are the scary moments when you think what will happen to him when we're gone. I couldn't think of it actually and I don't entertain a thought about it. But I am sure that even cheap term life insurance could at least his bridge to a bright future if not secure it.

15 July 2008

Big One

... for the Tatapilla. He is now a certified Big Guy. He was allowed to mess with his cake and party - that is sleep late.

Instead of throwing a party for him, for some reasons we decided to visit the zoo yesterday and have a quite birthday celebration with his Nanny and Poppy. He may have missed having a party with friends but I wouldn't trade what we had yesterday and today for any great party in the world. We chose to celebrate this way, for his enjoyment. And I want to bear in mind and make it a tradition that birthdays will always be him having fun in whatever way it maybe.

Check more WS here.

12 July 2008

Just A Thought

Did you know that here in down under, employees that wear company's uniform are given "laundry" allowance? It isn't much, but it helps. Really. I guess that's mainly the reason why businesses that do company logo shirts are big here.


Just want to share the Tatapilla's most recent photo with his new beanie - courtesy of his Nanna. Doesn't he look pretty with it? It reminds me of the series, The Little House on the Prairie.

Have to say goodnight now. We have a big day tomorrow. We're going to the zoo. That's instead of throwing a birthday party for the Tatapilla.

Just Another Thing That We Don't Need

I just said wireless router and Mcj said, we're supposed to get that for Bubby's room. Well, it will actually be for Mummy - so she can still surf even while baby sitting the little boy in the room.

That's one thing that he wants but for me just another expense that we don't really need. I would love to have a connection in the room but with the little boy's cleverness, I could still not use the computer while he's awake as he would want to use (read: touch) it himself.

I am not pushing for that so with so much things that Mcj is thinking about, he might forget it. :)

New Trike

This is the Tatapilla's new trike. It's his 1st birthday gift from us - advanced that is. He has yet to grown his legs so he can use the pedal. Yet he's enjoyed this already. Well, Mummy has to push it around of course. I reckon, this is a best buy though we didn't bought it from www.buy.com (where you can get the best buy). Why? Because he can enjoy this for another year or two.

Plus, instead of using the pram when going to our playgroup or to the park we can use this and not carry his bike anymore.

10 July 2008

Another Habit

The Tatapilla is in the process of growing out of a habit that I don't really like. Picking up stuff on the floor/ground and putting it in his mouth (including pens like marketing pens).

Today, I took him out the backyard while I was putting our washing on the line with his bike and trike. In all the time that we were out, he only munched on a leaf once. That's good sign for me considering that he was playing with leaves all the time, putting them on the trike or bike's basket.

Dropping one habit, comes another one. Pushing anything around. It started with the box. Then when he had the boots on (they cling on the floor), he pushes his bike around. After that, anything that he can push - chairs, his trike and literally anything.

Lookie here.

04 July 2008

Baby Bear

We've been shopping for clothes recently and we (particularly I) found a good place to shop.

We were supposed to go to the direct factory outlet to check if the prices of things are cheaper than in the local shops. Mcj instead brought me to the original DFO. And the prices were much lower - and they are branded clothes. Problem was it's too hard to find clothes that fit me perfectly - not that they are just stocking up plus size clothing. I just don't qualify for clothes for women. And the girls stuff are too girlie for a Mummy like me. But then, I had my fix.

Of course, we just didn't shop for Mummy. The Tatapilla had his pamperings. These are one of them.
Instead of buying a sleeping bag, we bought this sleeping suit. He doesn't like the bag because he can't get around with it. This cuddly thing is really nice to have for winter.

02 July 2008

I Blamed The Yogurt

The Tatapilla had his first ever illness. Cold.

He'd been sneezing quite a lot last week and was fussy with his food (no need of diet pills). I thought it was in the food or he might just be teething again. But one thing notable was he love drinking water.

He had a big sleep last Sunday afternoon. I gave him yogurt when he woke up. Then, he had a runny nose. I blamed the yoghurt. I thought the runny nose was just a reaction because the yoghurt was chilled.

He was his usual self that night - pushed the bike all over the house. He ate his dinner. Nothing unusual aside from the nose nuisance.

Then came bed time.

His temperature had gone up. He had a good sleep of 3 hours and then woke up and stayed awake because he can't breath through his nose. He just wanted to eat and went to sleep on my chest. Poor Bubby.

During the day, he was his usual self. Play, play and play. And eat, too! And after two days the fever is gone. Just a trace of stuffed nose.

But he had spread the virus. I'm now nursing a sore throat and stuffed nose. I can't afford to be sick so I'm stuffing myself with fruit.