Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

23 August 2008

Simple Pleasures

We went shopping for Mummy this afternoon (more shoes). It was just supposedly a short trip (we didn't take the Tatapilla's pram) but Mcj decided to be effecient and killed two birds in one hit. We dropped in first to the telephone network company/provider. The little boy got bored so we wandered around. And look what he did? This was one of the security post at the entrance of the store. He crossed that barrier 3 times after me urging him to do it again and again (so I can take photos). Lol.

And a trip to the shops always includes a ride to one of these. Oh, how he loves it. Kids, it's just sooo easy to please them.

Not Well

Yes, the Tatapilla is not well. That's my point of view because he is still his normal self. The runny nose and some cough are still coming on. Plus, this conjunctivitis that's been around. I checked cyh.com what is this illness:

Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of the lining of the eyelids and of the outer protective layer of the eye (the conjunctiva). It can be caused by a germ (virus or bacteria) or by allergies.
It may not always be clear which type of problem is present as each will cause reddening of the conjunctiva.
If it is caused by bacteria both eyes are almost always infected, although it may start in one eye. There is likely to be a gritty feeling and pus.
Conjunctivitis from a virus may involve one or both eyes, causing red itchy eyes and watering of the eyes. There may also be pus and a gritty feeling.
If it comes from an allergy there are often other signs of hay fever including itchy nose and sneezing, the eyes feel itchy and run a lot.

In the Philippines, I gather this is what we call sore eyes. But of course, you'll have sore eyes when you have conjunctivitis. :)

I couldn't point though if the Tatapilla's is viral or bacterial. We bought him eye drops last night and he seems a little better, not that he was really that worse the day before last. His eyes were just pussy that he couldn't opened them right away when he woke up. Even then, that didn't stopped him from wandering around the house and get into mischief - and pulled some cords (not the HDMI type).

Oh well, according to my research I have nothing to worry about.

17 August 2008

Shoe Fetish

This may sound odd but the Tatapilla has a shoe fetish. He loves playing with my shoes - carry a shoe around with him. When he gets bored, he would take his shoes off and play with them. Mcj said, he is related to Imelda Marcos. :)

Anyway, we bought him a new pair this week. He's already in size 5. Though he still wears his size 3 and 4 shoes. Mcj said size 5 is humongous for him but hey, why buy shoes that will just fit him perfectly and no room for him to grow? They are not of famous brand (like MBT shoes) but a bit exy as they are leather and soft soled. Our first consideration when buying him shoes is soft and flexible for him to walk. And so far we're satisfied with these.

See that 6 on the side? It's just a design not the size of the shoes. :) It could be also 9.

11 August 2008

Ekka 2008

Ekka is a Aussie English for Brisbane Exhibition - formal term is Royal Queensland Show. The show was a spin-off from the famous International Exhibitions being held in Britain and worldwide dating from the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851.

So we hit the Ekka last yesterday. We took the train as most people do. Mcj told me that the famous food there were dagwood dogs, floss fairy (cotton candy for some) and cheerios. After buying the show program, I tested the dagwood dog right away. It's not fancy, just crumbed sausage on a stick but it was novelty. You can have it with tomato sause or just plain.
We timed our visit there for woodchopping contest so the first thing that we looked for was the woodchopping venue, which was at the opposite of where we came off the train.

This is the last event in the morning for chopping contest. Boy, it was dangerous just looking at it. Imagine this man, climbing a 2meter high post just stepping on that thing perched on the post with an axe that can shave a face? He won, btw - I think 2nd place.
These are just some of the rides for the adult and I guess those who can stomach heights and dizziness. Mcj was talking of us getting into one of them. I didn't dare as I have a horrible experience in ferris wheel. That was more than 2 decades ago but I can still remember the feeling.
These were the rides that Jens and I tried. We had fun.

There was also a parade of sort that I don't for what. There were lots of clowns and dragons.

The heat was sweltering even if it was summer. Ekka time was always windy but not this year or that Sunday. We had to cool off - ate ice cream under a shade.
We checked the canine show. Jens saw hundreds of dogs. We were not able to see all the other farm animals as pushing the pram through the crowd was a battle. Throngs of people were coming from all directions.
We capped the day by visiting the showbag pavillion. There were lots of stuff to buy - like confectionary, personalized gifts, jewelry, etc. We bought Jens this panda. Souvenir for his first Ekka experience.
One word to describe it. FUN!
Read more about Ekka here.

10 August 2008

Off To Ekka

We are going to a place with this tomorrow. The Ekka. I'm not planning to ride a ferris wheel. I would love to have fun in a merry-go-round but it was banned this year. I also want to try the chair lift but we have a pram so.. NO No No. But I want to have more fun.. fun.. fun.

And eat lots of food.. yum! I might need the best diet pills to shed off some pounds if I even gain some.

But, got to go now.. will have to check our itenerary for tomorrow. Will post photos, surely!

A Toddler in the House

This maybe the lamest excuse you've ever read but it is true. The reason why I don't have much time to stay online is the Tatapilla. Now that he is out and about on his feet, I need to devote all my attention while he is awake or even asleep. He's not contented to stay in his cot, he doesn't want to stay in one room, and absolutely not satisfied to just stare. He needs to climb, the stamp his feet, taste everything and reorganize our furniture, etc. This is the time that we really ned a tv mount except that our tv can't be mounted. He hasn't found out how to use the buttons yet but he will eventually, I'm sure of that.

Yesterday, he was trying to climb out of his cot. His right foot was already mounted up. He knows how to mount his bike now. He wants to climb everything.

Raising Children Network says:

Your toddler is well and truly on the move, which makes safety more of a challenge than it was before.

And here are some tips to keep your toddler safe:
Encourage your child to sit while eating by sitting with him at a table or even on the floor. Children are more likely to choke if they eat while they are running around or playing.
Nuts can choke a child: it is usually not safe for children to eat nuts until they are five years of age, and not at all if they have an allergy. Nuts are usually most accessible when adults are having a party or barbecue.
Keep toys for small children and older siblings in separate boxes. Encourage older siblings to keep their small toys (Lego, doll clothes, beads, car parts) out of reach.
Use car restraints whenever your child is in the car.
Set up a safe play area outside that is fenced off from cars.
Always hold your toddler's hand around driveways, roads and car parks, and start teaching him about road safety.
Always take your toddler out of the car with you, even if you're popping in to a shop for just a moment. Leaving a child in a car, even on an overcast day, is like leaving him in an oven.
Stay close to your toddler when he's exploring playgrounds and trying new activities and feats of daring.

omg, I just realise that Jens is already a toddler. How fast time flies.

05 August 2008

The Tatapilla is ill

It's the first time that we experience this, the kind where you have to stay up most of the night, nurse him to sleep and almost all day. I can't leave him to anybody. Going to the shower was a battle.

He was running a temperature the night before last but it didn't worry us. But last night, it shot up. More than 38 degrees. We don't know the cause. Teething alone won't cause a temperature of more than 37.8.

I was force to get an appointment with the GP today, and his GP was not available so we saw the wife. Good thing, if you may call it that, it is just a viral infection. Everything was given clean bill but the throat. There will be a cursory appointment on Thursday.

We were really worried that it might be meningococcal disease - so we're really keeping an eye on him all the time.

I kept on reading the baby book that we got on how to treat fever. It didn't say much other than giving paracetamol and dressing down to keep cool. I was on the verge of calling my mother but I don't want them to worry about Jens. Apart from that, I don't want them to bug us on when are we going to the Philippines. Though Jens has his passport now, we can't go home yet. Whew!

We're at ease now as he is his happy self again. Hope he'll get better soon as our plates are full to the brim in the coming days.

02 August 2008


Thanks, Mich for this tag.

A) Four places I go over and over:
:: library
:: supermarket/shops
:: park
:: beach

B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
:: friends
:: family
:: friends
:: friends ;)

C) Four of my favorite food to eat?
:: pasta
:: salad
:: seafood
:: tuyo

D) Four places you’d rather be?
:: my parents' place (we don't really need moving trucks to get away)
:: any place in the philippines
:: shops
:: in the car - practise driving

E) Four people I think will respond:
:: wbliss
:: idealpinkrose
:: arlene
:: mitch

F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
:: friends
:: m*a*s*h
:: two-and-a-half-men
:: classic all saints