Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

25 September 2008


And you think, it could be something like pillow, blanket, stuffed toy or anything that you can cuddle. It’s another story for Jens. Finally, I can say that Jens has a security thing though, he is not really looking for it before going to it. It is just something nice to have for him. What is it? A spoon!

If he’s at home, you can see him holding a spoon while playing around especially after eating. It just started actually when he learned how to feed himself. I think, it’s just his way of connecting to something that feed his mouth.

Look at this big guy! He doesn’t like the feel of grass on his bare feet hence he put his feet up his bike and even tried to climb. He’s alright to play around on his feet when in concrete like carports, patio, etc.
See that toothbrush he's holding? That's another interesting toy.

Fill in's Tag

Thanks, Eds for this.

My roommates and I once: shared a wonderful life together. I miss 'em!

Never in my life have I: taken drugs or tried diet pills.

High school was: just a memory though I miss my friends from back then.

when I’m nervous: I get heart bumps and get quiet!

My hair: is very long - way past my waist now.

When I was 5: I was a bitch. I don't want to lend my clothes to our visitor. :)

When I turn my head left: I see the other computer.

I should be: watching telly now but nothing nice on.

By this time next year: the Tatapilla would be 28 months old - big boy!

My favorite aunt is: still single.

I have a hard time understanding: something that I don't know. :)

You know I like you if: I'm warm towards you.

My ideal breakfast is: tuyo at sinangag. I miss it!

If you visit my home town: you won't see me there. Bwahaha! I miss home.

If you spend the night at my house: when? Ring me first so I can prepare. :D

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: Caterpillar.

I shouldn’t have been: eating lots of chocolates.

Last night I: was so tired.

A better name for me would be: Ms. Something!

I’ve been told I look like: My Dad - by Mcj.

If I could have any car, it would be: Holden Astra - Australian brand for petite people like me.

I had fun!

19 September 2008

Toys and Games

Things I love to play with other than my toys – shoes, books, Mummy’s glasses, phones (wireless and mobile), meds droppers, brush (hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.), bundles of keys, spoons, hats, water bottles, lotion container, lollies container (of course, especially if I can open it and get a handful) and most of all 'motes - you know remotes? He's always sneaking out just to get hold of the remotes. My keyboard is wireless and he likes it, it's a big 'mote for him. He hasn't seen my laptop yet, but I reckon if he did, it will be a batttle of wills as he won't give it up.

Now, he loves playing his ball - bouncing, rolling and throwing. I also notice that he likes putting things away. He might be some sort of a cleaner or an organised person in his previous life. :)


I was able to watch some current affairs on the telly last night while Jens was playing in the lounge after dinner. Something got me say Hmmmm and chew my bottom lip.

A 50-ish couple was out of the job at the same time. It was sort of redundancy. They thought, it would only take them a couple of get another job but hey, they’ve been hunting for more than 5 weeks now. They deduce the reason why nobody wants to hire them was their age. Is it really true that nobody wants to hire experienced and qualified employees?

Some expert said that while in the city employers are on the look for experienced employees, it’s another case in the country side. I reckon, so true! And I think most vacancies in the country are retail jobs, care givers, and skilled workers.

I’m thankful I found my niche early.

Adrenalin Junkie

This is why I love going to the shops – apart from the treats, of course. This is where Mummy’s coins go. This is why Daddy goes ahead of Mummy out the checkout – so I can have a ride while Mummy pays. This is why I don’t want Mummy and Daddy to hold my hands while walking in the shops – so I can run away, come back and climb up the rides again.

Only if I can say what I really want. I would always tell Mummy and Daddy to go to the shop so I can go on the rides. I don’t really mind if it is Thomas, Wiggles car or aeroplane or whatever. A ride is a ride for me.

Hey, what are futures trading? :)

08 September 2008

Father's Day

It was father's day here in the Land Down Under yesterday - Happy Father's Day to all! Been wondering what I can give to Mcj. Then I thought if what he likes. Coffee comes to mind. Planned on looking up the net for some espresso machines.

Then when we were at the shop, we parted ways to save time. We were supposed to look for Jens' favourite show DVD and then Dadda said. Mum, it's Daddy's day tomorrow and I know what I want or something like that.

Well, this is what he wants. He missed his stereo. So there you go, I didn't sweat up anymore. :)

Big On What?

This week I received this pretty catalogue in the mail. My second. As much as I love shopping – at home or going to the shop, I still fail not to notice and feel sorry for all the money spent in making catalogues and brochures such as this.

Look! This is really pretty. Glossy and colourful and in thick and hard paper. But wait till you see the magazine for modern furniture that I received a few months ago. It might be a strategic marketing campaign for these companies but for me, it’s just wasting money with abandon. Some of these don’t actually end up inside the mailboxes but littered in the street.

03 September 2008

Securing the Future

Mcj was supposed to have his dental surgery last month but he was ill then so it was postponed. He’s been waiting long enough for it - the anaesthesiologist was on holiday for 5 weeks and the dentist that he wants to attend to him was fully booked. And then, when it was his time to go under the knife he had a flu. Now, that’s what I call, what? Not his time? Maybe.

You know what’s funny about it? A week before the scheduled surgery, he hastily arranged that my name will appear as beneficiary of his life insurance – he didn’t include the Tatapilla yet as he’s still a minor so I would still be his guardian. He didn’t trust the stipulation in the fine prints of the policy that the wife would be the beneficiary then.

Talking of insurance, I don’t have life insurance here in OZ. Maybe, now that I have superannuation, I might get a life insurance quote in the same company. Mcj has his life insurance from the same company with his superannuation. Now, I have some research to do.

It's Bath Time

The week before last, the Tatapilla had an outdoor bath. Now, I’m reminded to buy him a big bath. I just used a small basin that he can only sit on. It was a tad chilly that morning plus he was not over with his flu yet, he loved the bath. It was the first time that I used some of the bath soap that was given to him to make him a bubble bath. I normally use his bath oil. I also gave him all his floating toys and he had fun splashing. But, I reckon it was the cause why his nose was dripping non-stop that weekend. Bad Mummy, bad.

He loves water. Might it be in the bath, flowing out of a tap (might be more attractive if flowing out of Grohe faucets), or just a puddle on the ground. Now that winter is over, we might plan a trip to the pool or to the beach again.


Mcj is really big on coffee. It needs two mugs to completely wake and perk him up in the morning.

I notice though that Aussies are big on cuppa, tea or coffee. Visitors are more likely to be offered with hot drinks. Though restaurants and fast foods are not that proliferating in OZLand just like in the Philippines, cafĂ© and coffee shops are ever present in shopping blocks. But, in our area, I barely notice Starbucks coffee anywhere near. True that the coffee mogul had closed down some of its branches in Oz but even then, I haven’t spotted it in the shopping complex. Oh well, I think the locals are satisfied with the presence of the local coffee shops.

I have my share of drinking coffee. At least two cups a day. I didn’t embrace the tea though. I just don’t like the taste.

And the Tatapilla? He’ll have the biscuits, cookies, muffins, dough nuts, or anything that go with the coffee. And he loves it. Well, he loves anything that he can stuff in his mouth anyway.