14 January 2009

Big Guy

We have plenty of time to get to the train station yesterday morning that we decided to drop The Tatapilla to day care first.

The usual routine was I was taken to the station first as we always take the back route which is faster and then Mcj would drop him off to day care and give him his breakfast. Mcj said these past days The Tatapilla would instantly find his place in his room – sit on his chair and face his cereal with stewed apple. Mcj would then leave.

When we reached the centre, there was a bit of a drama as he wanted to broommmm brooommm first. We gave him a couple of minutes then off I took him inside. There were lots of kids already, playing and some eating. The Tatapilla took his seat and face his first meal. I didn’t have to worry when I was about to leave as he was not paying attention to me at all. He was just looking at the other kids and ready to attach his food.

I was glad of it because there was no hugging and tugging before I can leave but at the back of my mind, I am sad. Our little boy has his own world now. And in there, he doesn’t need us anymore. He is just almost 18 months. He is so ahead of his age. On the bright side, he is so clever and smart for his age – can turn the telly (as it is not on plasma mount) on and off when told. We’re now experiencing mixed emotions on his rapid growth. But overall, we are happy. Happy as can be.


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