20 January 2009

BPA Free, Etc.

I am not really keen on what type of bottle, container, cutleries or sippy cup I use for Jens. Maybe because I breastfeed so I am not really concern about it. When he started eating solids, I bought stuff that we think are practical and reliable without any thought of chemicals that in might leach on the food. His first feeding bowl chafes after I use it to reheat spaghetti – over timed. I stopped using it.

I was browsing around when I saw in ..... page the use of BPA bottles. Reading it really interests me and got me curious. And the funny thing is, I realised BPA free bottle in the Philippines are dear. But I am not going to compare it here. I did a bit of research and found out that Jens’ new feeding utensils are BPA free (Nuby brand). I also checked the container I use to store fruit or packed lunch sometimes and it has number 5 recycling level (or whatever you may call it). When, I reach home later, I’ll do the same with our other food containers and Jens’ stuff.

I’ve also found two online stores that sell BPA products and accept Paypal for payment. If I found out later that Jens’ stuff are not BPA free, I might start anew on collecting containers – I already have heaps that I’m running out of room.

Oh well, this is just some of the things that we have to put up with in life.

Anyway, .. said that US hasn’t banned the use BPA in plastic containers, etc yet. I read that it is because the governing body on environmental blah there said that the BPA level on food containers and stuff is 400 times lower than the standard level or harmful level of BPA and they didn’t see any health risk, or if there is, it could be minimal.


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