20 January 2009

Custard For Breakfast

Yes, that was what The Tatapilla was asking this morning. He woke up real early even if he went to sleep late. So, I took him with me to the kitchen while I get ready for the day. I first made him breakfast – cereal with stewed apple and milk. He doesn’t like it. I made him peanut paste sandwich, he just toyed with it – poking his fingers to get just the peanut paste. All of a sudden, he said “yogk”, his term for yogurt or custard and at the same time pointing to the fridge.

Life was so simple for us when he doesn’t know how to talk yet, when he doesn’t know what things are called, when he was not ask to decide what he wants. Now, he always makes the choice and the decision. And he can defy us wilfully. He chooses which shoes he wants to wear for the day. I can make him open his mouth and put food in it but he spits them out right away if he doesn’t want to swallow it. He can manipulate me to giving him stuff that I don’t want to – just by pulling a sweet smile with cuddles and kisses.

I am not whinging, as a matter of fact I am happy and proud of his milestones. It just sad to think sometimes that he is slowly becoming a Big Guy but I still call him Mummy’s Li’l Boy.